Johnny Depp Calls Out Hollywood Executives As ‘Glorified Accountants’

Johnny Depp isn't happy with the current state of Hollywood!

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Johnny Depp is back to take on Hollywood. The actor blasted Hollywood executives in a recent interview, calling them out for making low-quality films.

Johnny Depp has opted to stay out of the public eye in recent months following his many court battles with his ex-wife Amber Heard. The actor remains controversial on social media even following the cases. It seems he’s also not afraid to ruffle feathers in Hollywood, calling out studio heads for making “dreck” that audiences are sick of.

“By and large, for the majority of the years I’ve been wandering around aimlessly talking to people, they really want the same thing.” Depp told Metro during their interview. “They don’t want to be fed dreck. They’re happy when they experience something new or different. So that’s why I’ve always felt, as an actor, it’s your responsibility. When you come out of the gate each time… you’re putting as much at stake as anybody.”

“They’re disposable and they realise it. Glorified accountants who have the ability to press the green light and make studio films… but they press the green light, they spent s***loads of money. Budgets are ridiculous on these films… some romantic comedy with two very popular people. People – the real people – they’re sick of it.”

It should be noted that romantic comedies with relatively high budgets are nothing new. Even at their most expensive, they don’t even scratch the money spent on some of Johnny Depp’s franchises such as Pirates of the Caribbean. However, Depp is right in the fact that many people feel confused by how Hollywood spends their money, hopefully leading to a more creative-focused approach in the future.

Johnny Depp Leaves Hollywood Behind

At one time, Johnny Depp could be said to be one of the biggest names in Hollywood, headlining franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. However, following his messy and public divorce from his ex-wife Amber Heard, the actor has stepped away from the Hollywood bubble and found almost no work inside of it since.

However, that doesn’t mean Johnny Depp has abandoned acting. He’s continued to work in European projects such as Minamata and his upcoming Jeanne Du Barry. This break from Hollywood may be a sign that the old studio system isn’t as monolithic as many had first thought, with a more international focus on films potentially providing more freedom for actors.

That being said, Hollywood studios won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. While Johnny Depp is right that their films have massively inflated budgets, only “glorified accountants” can bring to life the high-budget blockbusters that mainstream audiences are worth seeing. While this arrangement is far from perfect, it seems people in the industry should be looking for a balance more than a complete divorce from the current system.

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