See Johnny Depp Become The Joker For Robert Pattinson’s ‘The Batman’ Universe

From Jack Sparrow to The Joker!

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Although Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne already has his hands full with a number of villains, this awesome artwork shows off what Johnny Depp could look like as The Joker in the new Gotham timeline created by Matt Reeves. The concept design of Depp as the Clown Prince of Crime aims to match the aesthetic and style of The Batman.

The artwork of Johnny Depp as The Joker comes from popular digital artist BossLogic and depicts the star with the villain’s iconic green hair, though he doesn’t have an over-the-top red smile like other popular versions of the DC Comics villain. A second image shows Johnny Depp wearing a green shirt and purple trousers while wielding a bloody crowbar.

The crowbar in particular instantly reminds us of the Joker beating Jason Todd before leaving him to die in an explosion, while the black hat might remind some fans of the Joker’s look from The Killing Joke. You can see Johnny Depp as The Joker below.

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Johnny Depp’s transformation into The Joker, as conceptualized by BossLogic, has stirred a great deal of online discussion. While it’s not an official artwork related to The Batman, it’s enough to get the fans talking. Barry Keoghan’s role as the Joker in The Batman is minimal, but even that brief tease has led to endless discussions about the direction in which the character might be taken.

What to expect from The Joker in the Batman universe

Given the dark and gritty tone established in The Batman, expectations for The Joker’s emergence in this universe are high. A deleted scene featuring Barry Keoghan’s Joker suggests an enigmatic and deeply psychological portrayal. While details remain scarce, Batman fans can anticipate a Joker that delves into the deeper, more cerebral aspects of his madness, providing a complex counterpart to Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight.

With so little to go on, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what Barry Keoghan’s Joker performance will bring, but that hasn’t stopped fans from drawing their own conclusions. While some are excited about Keoghan’s potential, others are curious to see what seasoned actors like Johnny Depp could bring to the table, given his track record of diving deep into such roles.

Despite it being an unofficial representation, BossLogic’s artwork depicts a version of The Joker that Johnny Depp could potentially bring to life. Considering Depp’s history of playing eccentric characters, this portrayal could be both classic and dark, fitting seamlessly into the universe established by Matt Reeves. But with so much uncertainty around Keoghan’s Joker and how he’ll be developed in potential sequels, the idea of Depp stepping into this universe remains pure speculation.

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