Jonathan Majors Being Sued For Defamation & Assault Following Recent Interview

Jonathan Majors faces another suit.

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More legal troubles are in store for Jonathan Majors. The former Marvel actor is now being sued for defamation and battery, among other charges, following a recent interview.

Last year, news broke that Jonathan Majors had been arrested for assault against his then-girlfriend Grace Jabbari. While the actor maintained his innocence, the charges led to him being dropped by his publicist and manager. He was set to face up to a year in prison.

Tensions only escalated in the coming months, with multiple women coming out to speak against Jonathan Majors’ behavior. Majors tried to both dismiss the case and counter-sue his former partner, both of which were shot down by the judge.

In December of last year, Jonathan Majors was officially found guilty of assault and harassment. Not long after, Marvel Studios fired the actor from the role of Kang the Conqueror in the MCU, and Majors seemed to take a step back from the public eye.

Jonathan Majors’ Return Causes New Legal Troubles

Jonathan Majors recently spoke out about the situation during an interview with Good Morning America. During the talk, Majors maintained his innocence, saying that he was not responsible for the injuries sustained by his ex-partner. He claims speaking out about the incident now is a part of his healing journey.

Despite Jonathan Majors likely hoping this interview would get him back on the right side of the public, it’s only caused more problems for the star. A new report by The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Majors’ ex-girlfriend is now suing him for “battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, malicious prosecution, and defamation,” based on his denial of his abuse both before and after the trial.

“Majors’s intention was not only to cause many people to believe [Grace] Jabbari was a liar but also to cause those people to lash out, harass, intimidate, and bully Jabbari.” The suit states. “Majors also intended his defamatory statements to adversely affect Jabbari’s career.”

The suit also includes a claim against Jonathan Majors’ countersuit from last year. The tactic was described in the suit as a “truly desperate attempt to discredit his victim before trial.” The suit continued, “Consistent with his pattern of intimidating Grace, Majors filed the knowingly false criminal complaint and immediately disseminated the news to national and international media outlets in an effort to use his fame to cause the public to lash out against Grace and inflict on Grace extreme emotional distress.”

No comment has been put out by Jonathan Majors or his associates at this time.

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