Julia Louis-Dreyfus Teases A Human Story And Impressive Stunts In ‘Thunderbolts’

Thunderbolts is surprisingly human!

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Thunderbolts may be shaping up better than fans thought! Julia Louis-Dreyfus gives fans some exciting updates about the upcoming Marvel film.

Thunderbolts has been the Marvel project fans have been keeping the closest eye on. With such an odd premise and cast, it could end up as either a massive surprise or a huge flop. However, it seems the film may be much more grounded than fans expect, with Julia Louis-Dreyfus teasing a very human story at the core of the film.

“It’s very well organized. Very methodical. And I don’t mean that in a negative way,” Louis-Dreyfus told The New York Times. “Particularly on this film, they’re very much focused on, frankly, the human story, believe it or not. They’re trying to sort of go back to their roots, as it were. And so there’s a lot of focus on that.”

It’s a relief to hear that Thunderbolts will focus on the humanity at the core of the characters. Marvel has had a problem with “scope creep,” especially when it comes to their recent projects, where larger than life circumstances tone down the plight of the characters. However, Julia Louis-Dreyfus assures that the film won’t be devoid of action.

Thunderbolts Is Filled With Impressive Stunts

Another common critique of modern Marvel is the idea that their films rely too much on CGI. Given how many super soldiers are on the roster of the Thunderbolts, this could make the stunts feel almost weightless. Yet Julia Louis-Dreyfus assures fans that the stunts are all real. After all, she performed them!

“They’re trying to stay away from as much CGI or whatever as possible, so that the stunts are, like, everywhere. And in fact, I had to do a couple.” Dreyfus explained before adding. “I’m making this out to sound like I’m flying through the air like Captain America or whatever, but I’m not. It’s just a very, very, very, very brief stunt.”

Ignoring the visual of Elaine from Seinfeld being chucked across a football field by Red Guardian, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ words should put fans at ease. If true, Thunderbolts seems to be the exact project fans have been begging to have for years. Let’s just hope Marvel doesn’t fumble the bag!

Thunderbolts is currently set to hit theaters on May 2, 2025. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

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