Los Angeles Will Allow Productions To Resume On June 12th

Los Angeles

Los Angeles County will allow productions on films and television shows to resume on June 12th.

Since the coronavirus hit the United States many businesses and lives were changed in ways that we are still fully grasping.  The film industry was no exception to this and every production in both Los Angeles and around the world was shut down in order to prevent the virus from spreading. Now, however, Los Angeles seems to think that it is safe enough for the entertainment industry to get back to work.

Earlier today the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and Department of Public Health announced that it would allow film and television crews to resume production on June 12th. This came when California Governor Gavin Newsom permitted productions to resume provided that the individual counties permitted it. During a press conference, Dr. Barbara Ferrer said that the Department of Public Health would release a set of safety guidelines on Thursday that the film industry will have to follow in order to resume or begin any productions.

This does not, however, mean that any productions in Los Angeles will resume anytime soon. Studios and Hollywood guilds must reach agreements of safety protocols in regards to certain production departments that will have difficulty in adhering to safety guidelines. The additional guidelines and insurance costs could also raise the production costs of any film or television show by 20% and studios will have to decide if worth the additional expenses. However, the groundwork for the reopening of Los Angeles’ movie industry has begun.

What do you all make of Los Angeles’ decision? Do you think that it is too soon for the county to resume film and television productions? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Source: The Wrap

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