‘Just Cause’ Live-Action Adaptation Adds Mike Dowse As Director

The upcoming live-action 'Just Cause' film has added Mike Dowse as its director.

Just Cause Mike Dowse

The upcoming live-action adaptation of the Just Cause video game franchise has added Mike Dowse as director.

The upcoming Just Cause film is set to be written by John Wick scribe and Falcon and the Winter Soldier writer Derek Kolstad. The film is also being produced by Robert Kulzer of Constantin Film, Adrian Askarieh of Prime Universe Film with the game’s publisher, Square Enix also serving as a producer. Now the film has finally found its director in Mike Dowse.

The video game franchise has produced a total of four installments of varying quality. All four games revolve around Rico Rodriguez fighting against various organizations in third world countries. The game’s first installment, Just Cause saw him battling against a mercenary group known as The Black Hand, and drew its name from the real-life United States invasion of Panama, code-named “Operation Just Cause”. The upcoming film will have a female co-lead which is said to give the film a Romancing the Stone type vibe.

The franchise itself is notable for its extreme over the top action. Most missions involve destroying facilities owned by enemy factions as more powerful weapons became available to better execute the missions. More notable for its insane gameplay than its plot, the games none the less feature one of the few games to feature a Latino character as the lead for its entire franchise.  Its latest installment, Just Cause 4 was released in December of 2018 and the franchise has shipped well over 35 million copies worldwide.

What do you all make of this latest development? Are you glad to see that Just Cause‘s film adaptation is moving forward? What do you think of Mike Dowse as the director? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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