‘Justice League’ Costume Designer Talks Wonder Woman, Highlights “Congealed Blood From Her Victims”

Wonder Woman

Costume designing is tough enough when not dressing superheroes with iconic outfits that fans will scrutinize endlessly. Justice League costumer designer Michael Wilkinson has the enviable task of doing so for the D.C. team-up coming next year and, during the recent set visit (chronicled by our own Umberto here) he spoke specifically about the tweaks they’ve made to Wonder Woman’s costume post-Batman v Superman.

“They’re really just typical changes to make the costume more comfortable and more serviceable for the choreography that Gal does. We did a slight tweaking of the color too, we’ve enriched the red a little bit. We always talk about centuries of congealed blood from her victims on the dress, so we really went for that really rich blood red on the dress. We increased and we exaggerated these sort of different golds and silvers. You can see in her eagle and the W’s on her belt.”

Classic Snyder, but, uh, referring to the first female superhero as having “victims” is the probably not the right way to establish they’ve learned the lessons from the humorless grimdark of the DCEU up to this point.

“One of the things that I love about working with Zack is he just wants everything to have this fantastic grace and reality to them. This is a costume that Wonder Woman has been wearing for all 5000 years of her existence and so she hasn’t updated it. She trails the sword through all of her battles over the centuries, in the costume.”

Points for trying their reason their way through the costume, but I’m not sure dried blood was the kind of realism audiences are looking for. But I’m not down on the character by any stretch. Outside of Aquaman, Wonder Woman is my most anticipated DCEU film.

Prepare for a double dose of the DC heroine next year, with her solo film hitting theaters June 2, 2017 and Justice League following soon after on November 17.

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  • Nathan_12thMan

    I agree. It is quite interesting how off Zack Snyder consistently is when he makes comments about the characters. He’s a guy with a vision that I just don’t think the public is into. Go back and read all of his comments for the DC world and the characters in it, it is almost always off and makes even DC fans go “uhhh…okay…that’s weird.”

    • Loop Hughes

      Where are the Zack Snyder quotes/comments in this article?

      • flavortang

        There are none. OP and the writer are both lazy.

      • Nathan_12thMan

        There aren’t any in the article but it sure sounds like the costume designer is on the same page as previous Zack comments. Go read past comments by Zack about the DCEU if you want to know what I am talking about.

    • Victor Thomas

      thank you

  • flavortang

    Wonder Woman has always been a warrior goddess so, yes, she’s going to have victims in battle.

    Man, this incessant need to cartoonize these characters is disconcerting. Wonder Woman is a warrior. Warriors fight. Warriors kill. Crazy, I know. Stop trying to Marvel-ize everything and sanitize it so that the 8yos won’t be challenged in any way.

    These movies aren’t frickin’ Finding Dory or whatever. Just post the information you gather. That’s all anyone comes here for. I come to this site for news. Not for commentary ON THE NEWS from nobody writers.

  • Evan

    Well he is accurate because Wonder Woman kills! She even once told Clark,Bruce, & Barry that she doesnt have a long list of enemies because “When she deals with her opponents she DEALS with them!”

    • Darthmanwe

      That was not one of the highlights of Wonder Woman mythos.