The Top 20 Things I Learned From Visiting The Set Of ‘Justice League’

Justice League

Last week I got the fanboy call of a lifetime. I was asked if I would like to participate with other journos and visit the set of Justice League currently shooting in England. I not only said yes, I leaped at the opportunity and said HELL YES! You see, I have never crossed the Atlantic ocean in my life, let alone visit the UK.

I also recognized the significance of getting asked to visit the set of Justice League after launching Heroic Hollywood a year ago this month. It’s the site’s first official set visit.

Back in 1986 as a 12 year old fanboy growing up in Flushing, New York I practically lived inside Mike’s Comic Hut. That spring Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns was released and changed comic books forever. Thirty years later, I’m on a plane to London to meet Batman and the rest of the Justice League. Surreal to say the least.

Myself and other journos left the States on Wednesday, we arrived in London on Thursday, and got on the bus Friday morning to visit Warner Brothers Leavesden Studios in Southeastern England where Justice League is shooting. Our set visit occurred on day 31 of 111 of the production schedule.

The gist of the set visit went down like this – we entered ‘The War Room’ where they showed us all sorts or cool concept art and props, then the costume department where costume designer Michael Wilkinson showed us updated costumes for Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg. We then saw multiple sets including Batman’s new hangar, we witnessed the filming on set of a rooftop scene in Gotham City, then we went back to the War Room where director Zack Snyder showed us a really cool scene from the film.

There is a lot of ground to cover so let’s get cracking. Heroic Hollywood readers want the scoop and that is exactly what my mission was – to get it for you guys.


Umberto Gonzalez

Umberto Gonzalez

Umberto Gonzalez has been covering the fanboy beat & breaking scoops for 14 years with numerous Hollywood trade, newspaper, & magazine mentions to his credit.

  • QTN

    Good report El Mayimbe! Thanks for breaking down the important details and list them, instead of burying them in a mountain of text that we would’ve had to scroll through. Very considerate.

    Also when Batfleck brings up the old WB/DC “filmmaker driven!” spiel, was Zack Snyder somewhere else quietly sobbing?

    • Lupin

      ???? “Also when Batfleck brings up the old WB/DC “filmmaker driven!” spiel, was Zack Snyder somewhere else quietly sobbing?” ???

    • SAMURAI36

      Why on earth would he be sobbing? Haven’t you read any of the other reports from Snyder? He’s just fine.

      • TheSomeGuy

        On the Yahoo interview, he seemed pretty sad about it

  • Great article. I’m really curious to see how the characters interact. The Cyborg/Flash chemistry looks like it will be fun. And it sounds like Aquamoa is gonna add some spice to the mix.

  • Marty Komertz

    I would have liked to hear a update on Superman, but I also expect that to be a big reveal..Perhaps he is a villian in the next string of films?

    • Jake Bucsko

      Basically they acknowledged that he is coming back (of course) but it won’t be at the beginning of the movie and they aren’t saying how. Snyder hinted that his hair might be longer. Also they apparently saw everyone’s costume except Superman, so it’s possible he will have the black getup from when he came back after Doomsday.

      • I was thinking he’s probably in the black suit too. I sure hope so & save the reveal till as late as possible. And I want a beard too :)

  • alsott

    Sounds like THIS is the Batman movie, since half of this was Batman related. I mean everything sounds cool, but it also sounds like only Batman’s getting any real development and that killed my hype. And I’m someone who liked BvS well enough.

  • Blackinteligence

    Firstly, THANK YOU Elmayimbe for keeping DC alive with your consistently positive and optimistic reporting. This all sounds good and I believe DC shall find its feet and only get better and better. Thank you for this!

  • Chris W

    I respect that you found a niche in the market. But come on, you didn’t grow up in a comic book store. I really doubt you read many comics before you started popping up in cb related youtube content.

    You’re manufacturing a narrative now, it’s transparent, just be yourself.

    • H.I McDunnough


    • Bat Mane

      if you ever watch collider heroes where he has guested you would know the man knows his comic book lore

      • Chris W

        I have watched it. I see a person who knows nothing outside of the movie/tv universes. And when the discussion gets super sweaty in to comic lore outside of the movie/tv universes, or any IP that isn’t marvel/DC, he goes completely silent. He only interjects to try and circle back to a scoop he just heard about.

        • Bat Mane

          I disagree. Yes he’s no Schnepp or even Campea but when there’s a spotlight about a comic book more often then not he makes a solid contribution. Maybe he’s just done his research maybe not but he’s never claimed to be an uber nerd, just a fanboy of comic book properties. And as it’s Heroic ‘Hollywood’ it’s no surprise that movie/tv is his fortay. Not disagreeing with your assessment, but I don’t see it in the way he presents himself. Just a fanboy that geeks out like all of us

          • xxjinzaxx

            Why would you use Schnepp as a point of reference??? The dude even admits that he’s no scholar. He mispronounces Magneto. It’s as sinful as mispronouncing Darkseid.

          • Chris W

            “Back in 1986 as a 12 year old fanboy growing up in Flushing, New York I practically lived inside Mike’s Comic Hut…” From the article. Not the first assertion. I don’t make stuff up. When I see bs I call it out.

            Again I said, I don’t care if someone didn’t grow up being obsessed with comics. That isn’t a requirement for me visiting this site. In fact, I don’t even care if he reads comics now. I just come here for news. What bothers me is pandering to his target demographic to appear more “legit”.

        • Peter James

          Ever heard of the ‘No True Scot’ Fallacy in Logic and Argumentation?

          You should look it up.

          Not everyone has to fit YOUR personal criteria of what a comic book nerd is supposed to be like.

          • Chris W

            My criteria for a “comic book nerd” is someone that actually knows anything about comic books. My criteria for someone that grew up a comic book nerd is someone that actually grew up a comic book nerd. This guy is pretending he read a comic book before 2014. it’s very obvious he didn’t grow up a comic book nerd, and that’s my point about manufacturing an identity for self promotional purposes. Just like how every actor in hollywood now grew up reading comic books! It’s amazing!

            Again I reiterate, there’s nothing wrong with not having grown up a comic book nerd and embracing it as an adult. But pretending you are just to appear as “one of us” is so fake. It just suits his used car salesmen persona.

        • SAMURAI36

          Wow, another instance where we agree.

  • G-Man

    Looks like Zack Snyder is confirmed to be kicked off JL Part 2, or whatever they re-title it too. His wife trying to cover it and make it seem like he was never going to do the sequel is funny.

    • Lupin

      This is a retarded statement. Sorry. it just is.

      • G-Man

        Explain. We got the confirmation of it.

      • xxjinzaxx

        oohh..what was it? Paraphrase, please.

  • Lupin

    Thanks for the article Umberto. youve consistently put out positive DCEU content from day one, you deserve the recognition and fun that youre having.
    Lots of us loved batman V Superman and understood that it stands as a chapter in an epic saga. I love how Affleck talks of his character development through BvS to JL, it’s exactly what BvS was all about, I hope some of those more ignorant parties begin to get this.
    I called Defoe being Vulko! Everything I hear simply sounds amazing. this is the best talent in Hollywood making this stuff!

    • xxjinzaxx

      He’s the reason why I started paying attention to B.O. numbers as a somewhat litmus test of how the audience feels about a film. It’s not too different from the way fear and hope play a role in the stock market.

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  • Vegas82

    Damn Umberto. You got me incredibly hyped and insanely jealous at the same time. I’m glad you were invited to check out the production and came back with so much interesting news. Now I just need the next week to fly by so I can wawtch the extended version of BvS.

  • Wow, I heard about the set visits, but i didn’t think DC were going to let you spill the beans on so much stuff. Some of it was kinda spoilery, but I’m just glad to hear that they’re heading in the right direction. Too bad we have to wait over a year to see it. Can’t wait until next November.

    • xxjinzaxx

      Maybe the intent is to get word out so that there won’t be any excuses about the story not making sense. Or that the movie follows insider baseball sentiments.

  • Wi Bo


  • Boogie

    A 12 page ‘NEXT’ button article? Not like this…not like this…

    • Peter James

      “Say bah-bye to Cypher!!”

      “Too late.

    • louace

      I seriously don’t understand some people “stop the NEXT button” crusade 😀

      • Boogie

        Because it’s a bullcrap weaksauce way to make more ad dollars. I want them to make money, but I’m not clicking through 12 pages for 1 image and a few sentences for each page. It’s hard to take them seriously like that.

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  • JMMagwood

    Fantastic report, Umberto! Keep up the great work.

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  • meowmel

    Looking great, this movie is.

  • I hated BvS. Hated it. But this report and the other things I’m hearing have me genuinely excited and anticipating JL. Let’s hope I’m not a sucker (again).

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  • Foreign Geek

    Love the optimism on this. Also looking forward to what is to come from DCEU.
    Not so sure I like the fact that the Flash will be wearing armour or multiple pieces on his uniform.

  • Carina Mamani

    Thats sooooo great!!! Thanks!!!! I can’t wait for Justice League ♥

  • Loved BvS – glad to hear that my ranting predictions on how every scene displayed character faults that were going to apply over to JL. Sounds like JL is gonna be another one of my loves!

  • knockie

    Great article Umberto! Thank you for being detailed and not giving spoilers! Great work.

  • blackatlas06

    excellent rundown, I was all in from day one as I’m a long time comic book fan seeing his boyhood stories come to life. I believe you(Umberto) are deftly handling your fandom with objectivity…the flash news is especially encouraging…keep up the stellar work!

  • Marquis de Sade

    Well it looks like dceu has finally conceded they mucked up, and is making a real concerted effort to right their ship. This leaves me “CAUTIOUSLY” optimistic that they’re willing to become their big sister’s, MARVEL’S prized student, instead of playing the inattentive class dunce.

  • JNAZ

    Interesting that there’s no mention of Superman… guessing they’re setting him up for some kind of grand resurrection in the third act of the film.

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  • dnno1

    Umberto, will they let you do any sketches of the costumes?

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    @TChallaX:disqus @disqus_wE1fXabHb3:disqus @JMMagwood:disqus The ironic thing for me, is this:

    After doing a brief run-thru of social media, and all the popular comic book movie news sites, I’ve realized that the only movies people are even talking about (be it in the comments sections, or in the articles themselves), are DC movies. Especially BVS. Deadpool has come and gone. Silly War has come and gone. X-Men has come and gone.

    For all the negative flack BVS got, there are still articles about it, people discussing and debating it. SS is dominating the discussion of upcoming movies.

    Where’s Dr Strange? Isn’t it coming out this year? You wouldn’t even be able to tell, with the lack of buzz it’s getting, especially for a movie that’s only 4 months away. It’s not even on the above top 10 list. In fact, the only discussion I’ve seen about it in the past 6 months, is the negative flack it got, regarding the race-swapping of one of the characters.

    All this to say: could the pendulum be shifting for DC and away from Marvel right now? Just something to think about.

  • Online72

    I can’t believe I clicked “next” as much as I did. I doubt I will be back to read anything beyond titles.

  • Roland Duel

    It seems more Batman and some guys as opposed to a Justice League movie.