Kevin Conroy Would Love To Cameo In A DC Film

In a world where Stan Lee appears in almost every single Marvel film, there has not once been a guy on the DC side to match him… until now. Batman: The Animated Series’ Kevin “The God Damn Batman” Conroy has upped the ante and offered up his services to DC Films. While speaking with Comic Book Resources, Conroy was asked if he’d be interested in making a cameo in a DC Film. To which he replied:

“Wouldn’t that be cool? I’m amazed no one’s thought of that! [That would be] so cool.”

Conroy has voiced the Caped Crusader in multiple animated series and movies. His most recent endeavor into the Dark Knight mythos was this Summer’s Batman: The Killing Joke. Recently, Conroy voiced his opinion on Ben Affleck’s live action version of Batman, and gave his reaction to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that you can check out here.

I’d definitely be open to Conroy appearing in a DC movie. It would be a fun Easter Egg that many would get a kick out of. The next film that’s prime for a cameo is Justice League. Justice League is currently filming, so Zack Snyder better give Conroy a call.

Would you guys like to see Kevin Conroy in a DC Film? Sound off in the comments section.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17th, 2017 and hopefully Conroy is in there somewhere too.

Source: CBR

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