‘Jay & Silent Bob Reboot’ Director Kevin Smith Reflects On His Heart Attack

Jay And Silent Bob Reboot Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith shared a new social media post in which he reflects on the anniversary of his heart attack and the production of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

Two years ago, fan-favorite filmmaker Kevin Smith suffered a severe heart attack after performing a stand-up comedy show in California. After being rushed to the Glendale Adventist Medical Center via ambulance, Smith underwent emergency surgery after doctors learned the heart attack was caused by the total blockage of the left anterior descending artery.

Fortunately, Kevin Smith recovered from the surgery and subsequently made significant changes to after surviving the near-death experience, including going vegan and losing weight. Exactly one year later, the filmmaker began production on Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, a sequel to first solo film for the titular stoner buddies.

Today marked the two-year anniversary of both Kevin Smith’s heart attack and the one-year anniversary of the start of production on Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, which the filmmaker acknowledged in a post on his official Twitter account. In the post, Smith thanked everyone who has been with him on his journey after nothing that this date now also marks the end of the 65 city Reboot Roadshow Tour for the sequel .

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Here is the official synopsis for Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob Reboot:

he stoner icons who first hit the screen 25 years ago in CLERKS are back! When Jay and Silent Bob discover that Hollywood is rebooting an old movie based on them, the clueless duo embark on another cross-country mission to stop it all over again!

Written, directed by, and starring Kevin Smith, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot also stars Jason Mewes, Shannon Elizabeth, Jason Lee, Ben Affleck, Harley Quinn Smith, and many more.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is now available on Digital HD, DVD, and Blu-Ray.

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