Liev Schreiber Teases ‘Throwback’ Feel For Sony’s Animated Spider-Man Movie

Spider-Man Miles MoralesSony’s highly anticipated — and currently untitled — animated Spider-Man movie recently found its Miles Morales in The Get Down‘s Shameik Moore, but one thing that people haven’t been talking about as much is that the project has also already cast its villain. Although the character’s identity remains under wraps, X-Men Origins: Wolverine‘s Liev Schreiber has been confirmed to be voicing the film’s main antagonist.

While speaking with Collider about his work on Philippe Falardeau’s sports drama Chuck, Schreiber revealed that he’s yet to step into the recording booth for his role in the animated Spider-Man film, but he did provide the following tease about the story:

“I think real hardcore Spidey fans will be able to follow this with great ease. It will feel very familiar, in a good way, in a kind of throwback way.”

As expected, Schreiber’s comments aren’t really revealing in any way, but more details about the project should emerge as we get closer to its release. All that we know for now is that the upcoming film will focus on Miles as he juggles his school life and his superheroic activities as Spider-Man.

The Little Prince‘s Bob Persichetti is at the helm alongside Peter Ramsey from a script by The LEGO Movie director Phil Lord, who’s also serving as an executive producer on the project with Chris Miller. In addition, Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch is on board as a story contributor.

Sony’s untitled animated Spider-Man film is set for release on December 21, 2018.

Source: Collider

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