‘Logan’ Star Dafne Keen Would Like To Reprise X-23 Role For MCU

An X-23 spin-off was reportedly in development in 2017.

Dafne Keen Logan X-23 MCU Deadpool

Logan star Dafne Keen would “definitely” reprise her role as X-23 should the MCU come calling.

Logan may have served as the farewell for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine but it also operated as the stellar debut for Dafne Keen’s X-23. Keen blew audiences away with her stellar performance as Laura (or X-23), a killer machine not unlike Jackman’s Wolverine. After Logan‘s debut, there were reports that Keen would be reprising her role as X-23 for a solo film. Fox, however, was later purchased by Disney, causing all X-Men related films to go on pause. So while X-23 doesn’t have a future at the moment, Keen would definitely reprise her role as Laura if the MCU wanted to continue her story.

In a recent interview with Comicbook.com to discuss Dafne Keen’s role on His Dark Materials, the Logan actress was asked if she’d be interested in joining the MCU.