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Page 1 - Logan, the third and final installment of the Wolverine film series, will mark Hugh Jackman's final turn as the titular hero after nearly two...

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Logan, the third and final installment of the Wolverine film series, will mark Hugh Jackman’s final turn as the titular hero after nearly two decades of playing role. In an interview with Screen Rant, director James Mangold discussed how he came up with the story for the film, the inclusion of other mutants and the future of the character.

Mangold explained how he conceived the story for Logan just shortly after wrapping on the previous film, The Wolverine.

“A couple months after we wrapped, I had this idea, it was originally that Charles [Xavier] and Logan were hiding out in a Kentucky bourbon, an abandoned bourbon factory and that he was in a tank, an abandoned tank in a bourbon factory. The idea occurred to me to make a movie about family and the idea of using, I kept doing more and more research. The Greg Kyle ‘Innocence Lost’ series about X-23 caught my attention and the idea of doing a movie in which we find Logan with a daughter seemed like a really interesting family dynamic – caring for ailing dad and then discovering you have a kid. Particularly for a character like Logan, who is so loathed to having any intimate connections with anyone, it seemed like the ultimate set of obstacles to put in front of him, much bigger than a super villain from another planet.”

Magold reiterated his previous comments about playing around with the idea of including other mutants aside from the few featured in Logan, but explained why chose to focus on a smaller cast.

“We toyed with it but one of the things I’ve been very conscious of is that I think one of the reasons a lot of different movies are in the comic book arena these days, is they keep operating from the ‘more is more’ philosophy. If we made a movie last time about four superheroes, this time it’s gonna be seven, next time it’s gonna be twelve. And there’s a kind of arms race in visual effects and cast and I don’t think it necessarily yields more. Do you the math If you have a 120 minutes and you have seven actors with principal roles, then they’re each getting six minutes to themselves, or to their storylines. If you make a movie about two or three characters, the movie is really owned by these characters and you get to go deep with them. That was our goal.”

Mangold discussed Wolverine’s cinematic future now that Hugh Jackman has retired from the role.

Well the character is universal. I can’t imagine with a character this successful, like Batman, Superman or any other, that at sometime someone won’t come back around again. But I think that in terms of the Hugh Jackman line of doing this role, I think that we’re done.

Mangold also explained why he chose not to include Wolverine’s classic yellow costume.

While fans may be disappointed that Hugh Jackman will be ending his tenure as Wolverine, it is evident that director James Mangold put a lot of effort and care into crafting the film in order to deliver a satisfying conclusion to the character’s story.

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Logan will be released in theaters on March 3, 2017.

Source: Screen Rant

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