‘Lord of The Rings’ Actor Voiced [SPOILER] In ‘Aquaman’

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Aquaman.

It was one thing to learn that Mary Poppins, (Julie Andrews), would be voicing a character in Aquaman which, along with Mary Poppins Returns, is now playing in theaters. But those with extra sensitive hearing, or did a bit of digging, may have learned that there was another acting legend voicing a character in the recent DC film. And given how Lord of the Rings was named by James Wan as one of the inspirations for Arthur Curry’s solo adventure, it would seem natural that an actor from that film made the leap into Aquaman.

During the course of Aquaman, Patrick Wilson’s Orm is looking to amass the other kingdoms and areas of the sea in order to wage war on the surface world. One such world involves that of the Brines. Towards the film’s climax, as Orm prepares to go to war, he’s ready to take on the Brine. And as one Reddit user found, the leader of the Brines is voiced by none other than Gimli himself, John Rhys-Davies. It’s not a huge appearance and the Brine don’t appear fully until the film is nearly over, but it’s a worthy addition to an already stellar cast addition.

It’s also worth noting that Ocean Master has the opportunity to kill the Brine King, but is warned against it, as he would be needed in Orm’s quest to take on the surface world. Of course, Orm’s attempt to kill the Brine King is interrupted when Arthur, wielding the trident of the true king, emerges to take on his brother in combat. So the Brine King is left alive by the end of the film and this could potentially leave the door open for him to return in a possible Aquaman sequel.

Considering both Jason Momoa and James Wan have floated around ideas of what could be conjured up in a possible Aquaman sequel, perhaps the Brine King could play a more substantial role? It’s possible. There are very few major casualties among the main cast in Aquaman so, given where things end, it’s likely that the Brine King could return.

Did you notice John Rhys-Davies’ voice as the Brine King in the Aquaman film? Would you want to see the Lord of the Rings actor make a comeback down the line in a possible Aquaman follow-up? Let us know in the comments below.

Aquaman is in theaters now.

Source: Reddit

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