‘Luke Cage’: Mike Colter Reveals Who He’d Side With In ‘Civil War’

Luke Cage Civil War

Even before its release, fans of Captain America: Civil War have had to answer one very difficult question; Team Cap, or Team Iron Man? Just as our favorite heroes had to choose sides in the movie, fans have had to decide which Avengers leader they side with. Captain America: Civil War is based on the Marvel comic book event of a similar name, which sees the Avengers and several other heroes of the Marvel universe facing off against each other. The thing that sparked the hero on hero war was the Superhero Registration Act (the Sokovia Accords in the film), which basically required all heroes to unmask themselves and work directly with the government.

Obviously, a lot of heroes didn’t like the idea of revealing their secret identities and becoming glorified soldiers, those heroes sided with Captain America. However, some heroes saw the positive side of this deal, so they sided with Iron Man. The comic book Civil War was on a much larger scale that the one in the films, which featured primarily Avengers members. Because of this, we didn’t get to see which side characters like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, or Luke Cage would be on.

Thankfully, Luke Cage actor Mike Colter recently came out and revealed which hero he’d side with in the superhero Civil War. The answer is actually pretty simple: “who’s paying more?”. During Empire Live, Colter spoke about his character’s motivations for choosing either Team Cap or Team Iron Man.

“I went to the premiere where you wore red or blue, depending on who you were supporting. I wore a blue suit and a red tie. I feel that Luke Cage is a hero-for-hire, though, so it’d be ‘who’s paying more?’”

Mike Colter is right on the money in my opinion. After all, Cage may be a hero, but he still has a business to manage. A business we’ll hopefully see kick off when he’s finally introduced to his partner-in-crime in Netflix’s The Defenders.

Source: Empire


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