Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’ Crew Expecting Season 3 Renewal From Netflix

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Warning: This article contains spoilers from the second season of Luke Cage.

The second season of Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix left Harlem in an interesting place for the bulletproof hero. For one, Mariah Dillard-nay, Mariah Stokes had finally died due her daughter. An injured Bushmaster escaped. Shades had been arrested. Claire and Luke’s relationship ended on a rocky note. And having been given Harlem’s Paradise due to Mariah’s will, Luke Cage effectively became a king in Harlem after brokering deals with some of the area’s power players. This also meant him being excommunicated from Pops’ barbershop, but such measures are necessary.

So you might be curious to see where a potential Season Three would take Luke. But then, if the recent cancellation of Iron Fist is any indication, not to mention the still-unresolved cliffhanger from Season Two of Agent Carter, it’s that the tease of what the future holds in store doesn’t always mean that the powers-that-be will give you another shot. And while Daredevil Season Three is set to hit Netflix soon and the third season of Jessica Jones is undergoing production, there’s been no official word from either Marvel or Netflix about the fate of Harlem’s bulletproof hero.

Unlike The Defenders, where Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb stated that there were no immediate plans, in terms of Luke Cage, we just don’t know yet. However, those who work on the show are confident that Marvel and Netflix will give the series the green light for a third season. So said main star Mike Colter at Baltimore Comic-Con last month:

“I think the plan for Season 3 is to explore Luke’s ability to govern and be fair. At the end, we talk about there being a new sheriff in town, a new king in Harlem. We’re going to see how he deals with this power, because we know absolute power can corrupt absolutely…We see that everywhere. Luke is in Harlem, and so Harlem is going to be his place that he’s going to have to control.”

In addition, Colter believes that a third season could explore how Luke Cage could be a part of organized crime while still finding a way to stay out of it. After all, that’s part of the reason he was ejected from the barbershop in the first place. That has to be neutral territory, and Luke certainly can’t be neutral if he’s part of the game. How’s the line go in The Dark Knight? You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain?

Right now, Luke Cage may be a hero to some, but at what cost? Does he become the villain of this story? After all, Luke initially wanted Harlem’s Paradise burned. But now, as he told Misty, he can keep his eyes on everything from the club. That feeling of power, especially when Luke has been blamed for so much of Harlem’s woes, could get to his head. He may think it won’t, but now that he has a taste, anything is possible. And what about Bushmaster? After all, he’s still alive, so who is to say he couldn’t also make a return? Same with Mariah’s daughter now that she’s managed to kill her mother.

That’s all speculation, sure, and it could make for a very engaging season of Luke Cage, but again, whether from Netflix or Marvel, there’s still been no official word one way or the other about the future of Harlem’s bulletproof hero. Does that mean it’s not coming? Well, no, but it also isn’t set in stone whether we’ll return to Harlem for another run with the bulletproof hero.

What do you think, though? Is it time that Marvel and Netflix gave a decision on the future of Luke Cage? And what about Iron Fist? After all, we saw Danny and Colleen make a visit to Harlem in the second season of Luke Cage. Should the characters from the now cancelled series be spun off into other shows? Let us know in the comments below.

The second season of Luke Cage is now available on Netflix.

Source: Deadline

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