Could Mahershala Ali’s Blade Casting Hint At Future Vampire Threat For The Avengers?

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After the announcement that Mahershala Ali has been cast in Marvel Studios’ Blade reboot, could Vampires be the next big threat for The Avengers?

Based on a number of their announcements at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, it’s become clear that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be diving deeper into magic and mysticism in the upcoming Phase Four. But a big reveal that came at the end of the panel might hint at something else to expect when it comes to the future of the MCU. The news that Mahershala Ali would be taking up the mantle of Blade on the big screen brings about a few questions: Will vampires play a major role in the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe and could they actually end up being the villains of a future Avengers film?

While the latter part of that last sentence might seem like something that is kind of out there, it’s become pretty clear over the years that Kevin Feige and company don’t do anything without a solid reason behind it. And introducing Blade into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe? It’s very likely that there is going to be something much bigger at play, which may even include the possibility of the Mahershala Ali joining the Avengers as Blade. This wouldn’t actually even be that crazy considering he’s a member of the Avengers roster in the current comic series by Jason Aaron.

In the comics, around the time that Blade ended up joining the team, the Avengers had to deal with a full-blown vampire war. The timing of the character both joining the team as well as being brought back on the big screen does seem way too on the nose to just simply be a coincidence. This leads us to question what Kevin Feige and company really have up their sleeve for the upcoming future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Could the next “big threats” be supernatural rather than cosmic? If that’s the case, Mahershala Ali as Blade bringing vampires into the MCU could be the perfect fit and also allow them to go with something a bit smaller in scale for their next Avengers team-up film.

That’s not to say that Marvel Studios isn’t going to go bigger with future threats, but this could give the Avengers a sort of “breather” from the huge intergalactic threats and let them get really weird with it. Let Spider-Man stake a vampire, you cowards! We will likely have to wait until after the next few entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to come out or we could learn some more details about the contract Mahershala Ali signed to get an idea of what’s really in store for Phase 5.

However, I’d be incredibly surprised if the Blade franchise ends up being in a self-contained corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I’d also be surprised if we didn’t end up meeting the character beforehand in one of the currently announced projects, such as Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. Are you hoping to see Mahershala Ali as Blade team up with the Avengers in the future? Or would you rather see Mahershala Ali and Blade do their own thing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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