Mahershala Ali Replaces Wesley Snipes As Blade For Marvel Studios In New Artwork

Mahershala Ali Wesley Snipes Blade Marvel StudiosBosslogic has unveiled new fan art that imagines Mahershala Ali replacing Wesley Snipes as Blade for Marvel Studios.

In recent years, Wesley Snipes indicated that he has had conversations about reprising his role as Blade in a new project for Marvel Studios, which recently regained the film rights to the character. While no project has been officially announced, new art by Bosslogic imagines Blade returning with Mahershala Ali (the Academy Award-winning star of Moonlight) portraying the Daywalker.

You can check out the artwork of Mahershala Ali as Blade in the post below!

In Marvel Comics, Blade is also known as Eric Brooks, the half-human and half-vampire master martial artist whose mother was killed by a vampire during his birth. Since then, Blade has mastered his own fighting style to take on various types of monsters and rid the world of vampires. Wesley Snipes first portrayed the eponymous hero in 1998’s Blade and returned for the sequel directed by Guillermo del Toro. Blade Trinity marked Wesley Snipes final appearance as the character to date.

Would you like to see a new Blade project from Marvel Studios? Should Wesley Snipes reprise the role or would Mahershala Ali be a worthy successor? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Sebastian Peris

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  • Sterling Archer

    That is horrible.

  • David Thedford

    I want wesley snipes back. I will not have the same emotional connection without wesley. Give the other guy a Robin role like in batman. Please pay wesley his money!

  • LuSt4boost

    There needs to be another Blade! But I want Wesley Snipes back… If they can’t get Wesley, then bring in Maurica Crump!

  • theheartsleeves

    You broke my heart with your headline.. I thought this was real…. smh.. give me real stories…

  • I’m sure he will be great in some other movie! Only Wesley Snipes as Blade! Why mess up a good thing?

  • Nickey38

    Unless Wesley is physically outta shape, and not trying to get in shape or if Wesley believes he’s too old for the role, then I wouldn’t mind witnessing a new actor like Ali.

  • Wesley Snipe allowed EGO to finish him….


    snipes is the true Blade

  • AJ

    Most people wouldn’t even know about Blade is it wasn’t for Wesley Snipes. If Marvel can overlook what Robert Downey Jr did in his past, then they should do the same for Wesley. This is Wesley’s role.

  • GCode

    Also check out “Blade: Remix”

  • Ray Ray Jonah Jameson III

    No!!!!! I want Snipes!!!!

  • Smokey Heddon


  • Rational Headcase

    No brainer. Wesley 100%.

  • William D

    I believe Wesley Snipes should reprise the role. No one could ever replace Wesley in the blade series. On the other hand if someone else is casted i would prefer Michael B. Jordan over Mahershala Ali

  • A. Dent

    Not crazy about the artwork, but this guy could absolutely do it.

    Of course, one of the most satisfying elements about Snipes playing the character was his martial arts background – it was the icing on the cake.