Mark Ruffalo Responds To Russo Brothers ‘Avengers 4’ Wrap Tweet

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Whether intentional or by accident, Mark Ruffalo, like Tom Holland, has gained a sort of reputation as a “spoiler” when it comes to events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, more specifically with Thor: RagnarokAvengers: Infinity War, and the upcoming fourth Avengers film. And while everyone and their mother has their puzzlers puzzled as they try to dissect the title and potential events of the next Avengers film, the Russo Brothers have, for the most part, kept things under wraps.

But then, if you recall, last Friday, the Twitter account for the Russo Brothers sent out a tweet that simply read “#wrapped, along with an image of what appears to be a bright light. Not much to go off from there, really, but ever the spoiler, Mark Ruffalo entered the fray yesterday when he retweeted the tweet from the Avengers: Infinity War directors and admonished them for slipping, according to him, a huge spoiler. More than that, it’s apparently more than when Ruffalo apparently slipped the title during his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

And for that, Mark Ruffalo got “fired.” About as fired as you can get on Twitter by folks who aren’t your main bosses, but “fired” nonetheless. Still, have a look at Mark Ruffalo’s response to the Russo Brothers in the tweet below:

So if we’re to take Mark Ruffalo at his word when it comes to “spoilers” of an Avengers film, this is apparently a big deal? But who can say? Certainly not the Russo Brothers and not Ruffalo unless he wants to get “fired” again via Twitter. But hey, it looks like a police lamp. Maybe Thanos ends up getting arrested like in that comic panel that people like to show around online. Or, perhaps like everything else when it comes to learning about the follow-up to Infinity War, fans will have to wait and see.

That or wait for Mark Ruffalo to deliver a scripted spoiler. You decide. Let us know your thoughts on Ruffalo’s response to the Russo Brothers in the comments below.

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