‘Avengers:’ Mark Ruffalo Responds To Russo Brothers ‘Firing’ Him

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Whether intentional or by accident, you can definitely make the argument that Mark Ruffalo- as well as Tom Holland- has a reputation for being a spoiler within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or, at least, when it comes to the likes of Thor: Ragnarok or Avengers: Infinity War. And with everyone and their mother trying to guess the title of the fourth Avengers film, how could you not think that maybe Mark Ruffalo would ‘accidentally’ spoil it in the same way that Tom Holland ‘accidentally’ spoiled the Spider-Man: Far From Home title.

As you know, Mark Ruffalo was recently on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and, naturally, the subject of Ruffalo’s time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe came up. Whether it was his lack of tattoo that the other five original Avengers received or the title for the follow-up to Infinity War, Marvel was a hot topic that night for Fallon and Ruffalo. Ruffalo even tweeted about in hopes that Jimmy Fallon would delete the so-called ‘spoiler’ moment since it was off the record. That way, he wouldn’t get in trouble with his Marvel bosses.

For Joe and Anthony Russo, though, the directors of both Infinity War and the follow-up coming next May, no dice, as they tweeted the very simple, but effective message of “Mark, you’re fired.” Again, simple, but effective. All in good fun and jest, sure, especially given that you’ve got Kevin Feige calling the shots over both the Russo Brothers and Mark Ruffalo, but hey, does this mean Ruffalo and Bruce Banner won’t be joining forces after the fourth Avengers film? Well, probably not, but Ruffalo did at least want to discuss this firing via Twitter.

Indeed, Ruffalo took to his Twitter yesterday afternoon. There, he retweeted the Russo Brothers firing him and responded with the message “Guys…can we talk about this?” At the very least, the Russo Brothers didn’t call Josh Brolin to snap Ruffalo and Banner out of existence. Here, have a look at Ruffalo’s tweet responding to the Russos in the following message:

Chances are, though, this will not be the final time we see Mark Ruffalo in an Avengers film. In fact, count on it, if just to see if the Hulk gets another shot at Thanos. Not that his odds would improve in any of the scenarios that Doctor Strange saw, but we’ll find that out in more next year with the fourth Avengers film.

In the meantime, you can still catch Ruffalo and the rest of the assembled cast in Avengers: Infinity War, which is now available on Digital HD, 4K, Blu-Ray, and DVD.

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