Marvel’s ‘Blade’ Reboot Gets A New Production Start Date

Is Blade back on track?

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The Blade reboot is finally entering production! A new report suggests the project will start filming this summer in Mexico.

Back in 2019, Disney announced that it would officially be working on a Blade reboot for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Mahershala Ali playing the titular character. Five years out, the film has yet to even start filming. Yet it seems that might be changing sometime soon. According to a new report by Jeff Sneider, which was shared during the Hot Mic Podcast, Blade is officially set to start production this summer, with cameras rolling in Mexico.

This news serves as an interesting departure from prior reports that suggested the film would be filmed in the UK. However, given the many changes Blade went through during pre-production, Marvel fans should feel relieved that the reboot isn’t filming in a back alley with two cans and a piece of string!

The Troubled History Of Marvel’s Blade

As one could imagine, a movie that took five years to start filming hasn’t had the easiest production. The film has lost multiple writers and gone through even more rewrites, with the most recent incarnation of the Blade reboot being helmed by Logan writer Michael Green.

Marvel has also slashed the project’s budget, now being less than $100 million, which is chump change for an MCU project of this caliber. Many view these issues as a sign that the reboot will be bad. However, it shows that Mahershala Ali and his team truly care about getting Blade right, which hopefully means that the project will turn out better than expected.

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