Marvel Reveals New Details About ‘Eyes of Wakanda’ And ‘Spider-Man’ Animated Series

A new animated era of the MCU!

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Marvel still has more animated tricks up their sleeve! The studio reveals new details about Eyes of Wakanda and Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

It’s no secret that X-Men ’97 has been killing it the past few weeks, being one of Marvel’s best received projects in years. However, it’s not the only animated series in the works for the wider MCU. One of which is the Black Panther spin-off Eyes of Wakanda, which has now been officially confirmed to take place in Marvel’s sacred timeline.

Eyes of Wakanda is an MCU show,” Producer Brad Winderbaum explained to “This is the history of Wakanda as told through the War Dogs, and it is some of the best animation we’ve ever done. Todd Harris is the creator of that one. That’s just such a cool show.”

Eyes of Wakanda certainly has an interesting premise. As teased above, the animated series is set to take fans through the history of the Black Panther mantle in the MCU. Specifically, the spin-off focuses on the recovery of vibranium artifacts, not dissimilar to Killmonger’s goal in the first film.

MCU’s Spider-Man Goes Back To Basics

Spider-Man is set to enter a new era in the MCU with the upcoming Spider-Man 4. However, it seems Marvel isn’t set to leave the classic stories behind. The animated series Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is set to bring everyone’s favorite Web-head back to highschool for brand new adventures, with Brad Winderbaum teasing the show’s old school influences.

“I mean, [Your] Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is amazing, to say the least,” He continued. “I think it’s really going to surprise people. It is very much like a cut from that Steve Ditko era of the comics. It’s Peter Parker back in high school just trying to make it work, take care of his aunt, completely broke, and having to be a superhero.”

“It’s so essentially Spider-Man, and what Jeff Trammell, the creator of that show, did, which I think people are going to love, is he built this ensemble of characters around Peter that you fall in love with. Similarly, just because it’s long-form storytelling, as those relationships brew when the stakes rise in that first season, things feel really tragic and dangerous, and pretty incredible. So, I love that show.”

Hardcore Spider-Man fans are surely rolling their eyes that Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man will once more be set in highschool. However, given the MCU’s version of the character had such a large focus on his academic career, it only makes sense that spirit continues in an animated series. It’s still not clear if the project will be set in the sacred timeline, but it’ll certainly be one wild ride!

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