Marvel Legend Stan Lee Opens Up On Elder Care Abuse

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You don’t become a titan or downright legend in any sort of industry without having even the smallest semblance of controversy eventually creeping up to catch you off guard. For Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee, that has very much been the case for him as of recent. For one, he lost his wife, Joan, and then there was the brief allegation of harassment and the ongoing stories about elder abuse that have plagued the 93-year-old as some have attempted to take advantage of the comic writer.

Many in the industry have spoken out in Lee’s behalf, Kevin Smith even opting to take care of Stan Lee himself, and there’s been an outpouring support from fans and comic writers in the industry alike, but Stan Lee, now in the care of a guard, the family daughter, and his daughter, recently spoke to The Daily Beast about the recent experiences that have rocked his life:

“I learned later on in life, you need advisors if you’re making any money at all. I did everything myself. The first years of my career when I wrote Super Rabbit [an early cartoon character he created], and when I wrote all those characters, and I wrote the Hulk—I handled everything. I paid all the bills, I did all the bookkeeping, I handled everything. But then, a little money started coming in, and I realized I needed help. And I needed people I could trust. And I had made some big mistakes. And my first bunch of people were people that I shouldn’t have trusted.”

So time and recent life experiences have given Stan Lee a fresh new perspective to adopt as he openly acknowledges some mistakes that he’s made, but at the very least he’s been very upfront about how he’s handled things in the past and now how he surrounds himself with people he can trust. Sometimes missteps and mistakes are necessary in order to rise above the occasional error.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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