Marvel Studios VFX Supervisor Calls Out ‘Lousy Scripts’ For Bad CGI

Are screenwriters to blame?

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Fans all across social media have recently begun a tirade against bad-looking CGI in superhero films. However, according to one veteran VFX supervisor at Marvel Studios, the scripts are to blame for movies looking so bad.

CGI and VFX are practically omnipresent in blockbusters these days. Despite this, fans have noticed big-budget films from Marvel Studios and DC Studios are seemingly looking worse than ever. While many have been quick to lay this at the feet of those who put together the effects, veteran VFX supervisor Stephane Ceretti has laid the blame squarely at the feet of the screenwriters, claiming they need to spend time fixing “lousy scripts” instead of doing cool stuff:

It is entirely true that VFX workers are storytellers in their own right, especially on projects with as much CGI as Marvel Studios projects. Often the visual storytelling of supervisors like Stephane Ceretti is key in conveying the film’s message. However, the issue with bad effects isn’t the VFX workers or the writers, but the unrealistic expectations and conditions put on workers by the major studios. Luckily, Marvel Studios VFX workers have moved to unionize, which should provide much-needed standards for the industry if the vote goes through.

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