Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ Continues Production Despite Coronavirus

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Despite ongoing concerns over the coronavirus, Marvel’s upcoming Disney Plus series, What If…? is continuing its production.

The coronavirus has put many Marvel projects on halt and forced several to push back their release dates. However, the various Marvel Disney Plus series seem to have been unaffected as all are currently maintaining their projected launches. In addition, work on Marvel’s What If…? is still being conducted.

While speaking to Newsarama, Marvel’s What If…?‘s head of animation, Stephan Franck, talked about what it was like to work during the coronavirus pandemic. He revealed that the animation departments are still going, due to the fact that most of the artists can simply work from home:

“I normally split my day between my home studio and the Disney lot for dailies and reviews, but now we’re just doing it all remotely. From what I hear across town, animation has been able to keep the shows in production with everyone safely working from home. Kudos to the studios for pivoting so fast to remote work.”

What do you all make of this? Are you glad to hear that work on Marvel’s What If…? is continuing? Are you looking forward to the upcoming Disney Plus series? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Created for Disney Plus by A.C. Bradley with Bryan Andrews directing, Marvel Studios’ What If…? features the voice talent of Jeffrey Wright as The Watcher with Haley Atwell, Chadwick Boseman, Jeff Goldblum, and many more making guest appearances. The first episode of the show will center around Peggy Carter who is given the super-soldier serum and becomes Captain America during World War II instead of Steve Rodgers. Steve Rogers will still join Peggy Carter in the fight in a robotic suit made by Howard Stark.

What If…? is scheduled to premiere on Disney Plus in mid-2021.

Source: Newsarama

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