Marvel Teases Drastic Changes For ‘X-Men ’97’ & ‘What If…?’ Season 3

Marvel's animation side continues to grow!

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Is Marvel overhauling its animated shows? A producer teases big changes ahead of both X-Men ’97 and What If…? Season 3.

X-Men ’97 has been a smash hit among Marvel fans. However, despite the show’s success, its future remains uncertain. Head writer and creator Beau DeMayo was abruptly fired from the studio shortly before the series made its debut on Disney Plus. With how well season 1 was received, Marvel fans are now worried the quality will dip without him. According to a producer, while the show will honor his ideas for season 2, a new head writer will be appointed for season 3.

“We are honoring Beau [DeMayo]’s ideas for the second season,” Producer Brad Winderbaum explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “So much of the visual storytelling of this show comes from him and our amazing directing team…So it does feel like there’s a consistent voice. The mantra is the same, the goals are the same, and the source material is the same.”

“As long as that’s our guiding principle, that we’re honoring the comics and the original show, that’s the core to the creative pursuit.”

While some fans may be disappointed that Beau DeMayo won’t have influence on season 3 of X-Men ’97, Brad Winderbaum does make a good point regarding animated shows being a collaborative medium where one person doesn’t make up the whole voice. It’s also worth noting fans still have no idea why Marvel parted with DeMayo back in March, meaning his return may not simply be down to creative disputes.

What If…? May End With Season 3

What If…? is also getting a major overhaul heading into season 3. Specifically, it seems Marvel is billing the series as the show’s last. In a separate interview, Brad Winderbaum explained that the third season of the project is the end of a trilogy for Jeffrey Wright’s Uatu.

What If…? season 3 is – that might be the one that comes out next, in terms of animation,” Winderbaum told “That is the culmination of a trilogy. We’re actually close to completing that one, and it really feels like you’ve gone through this amazing emotional experience with Uatu.”

“What’s great about The Watcher is that he presents himself as uncaring, and cold, and just an observer, but he cares more than everybody [and] anybody. That is on full display in that third season.”

While it may be true that Uatu’s story ends with season 3, most fans have viewed the concept of What If…? ending as a bit silly. The premise of the show provides an infinite runway for Marvel to tell multiverse stories. Much like X-Men ’97, the show also lost its head writer heading into season 3, though seems to be chugging along well enough. Here’s to hoping, that if it is the show’s final season, it’ll be one for the history books!

X-Men ’97 and What if…? are currently streaming on Disney Plus. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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