Mike Colter Posts ‘Luke Cage’ Tribute After Show’s Cancellation

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There are a lot of things that Luke Cage can withstand. Fire, bullets as long as they aren’t of the Judas variety, and most weapons. But something more powerful, like a hard punch from an immortal Iron Fist, or the long arm of cancellation from the higher-ups at Netflix or Marvel Television, not so much. As was reported just last week, the adventures of Luke Cage and Mike Colter’s time in the role have come to an end now that Marvel Television and Netflix opted to cancel the series, right on the heels of cancelling Iron Fist just one week prior.

So given where things ended in the second season of Luke Cage, with Luke becoming the proprietor of Harlem’s Paradise and effectively becoming part of the mob game, combined with those involved talking about what the future could hold in a potential third season, it felt, for a moment, that the future was bright for Harlem’s Hero. Now, turns out, that isn’t the case, but series lead Mike Colter isn’t sweating it. Like Finn Jones, he realizes that this is not the end of his journey, and he noted as such in a recent Twitter post early this morning.

Actually, he may have more to celebrate that goes well beyond and is far more important than some comic book adaptation. On his Twitter, Mike Colter thanked Marvel and Netflix for the opportunity to portray Luke Cage, and noted that while one door has opened, another has opened, and that opening has come in the form of his newborn daughter, who came into the world this week. Here, have a look at Mike Colter’s comments on the demise of Luke Cage and the start of new life for another in the post below:


Indeed, there are time to make more memories, sure, and one must always look forward, so it’s great that Mike Colter is keeping such a positive outlook, in particular now that there’s someone new in his life. It remains to be seen what will ultimately become of Iron Fist and Luke Cage in the future. Some speculate Disney’s streaming service, although Bob Iger has already indicated that it won’t cater to R-rated content. Well, Disney is about to have a huge stake in Hulu, where the Runaways already reside, so that’s an option as well.

What, if at all, do you think the future holds in store for the adventures of Luke Cage? Do you think we’ll see Mike Colter at any point again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Luke Cage is available now on Netflix.

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