Millie Bobby Brown Talks ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 & Becoming Eleven

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Netflix has a wildly successful show with the original series Stranger Things. Fans cannot get enough of this sci-fi inspired 80s throwback adventure. The cast features many well-known actors, along with some talented newcomers like Millie Bobby Brown.

Brown plays Eleven, a mysterious young girl, who is captivating over the course of the eight-episode series. Brown recently spoke with IGN and opened up about what it was like to transform into Eleven and what she would like to see from the second season of Stranger Things.

Brown enjoyed seeing the final product come together because a  large portion of Eleven’s powers had to be created in post-production.

“Yeah, and having powers is great, but for me, it’s just making sure that I presented myself right, especially with my character. I wanted to make sure that I related to the audience and made sure that any scene — even if I wasn’t in a good mood that day because it was my birthday and I had to do school — I’d come on set and you have to come on set 150% every day, constantly. [Snaps] Always happy! Always happy! And it’s great, because I think, “I get to go to work all the time!” I don’thave to go to work all the time. I don’t have to get up at six in the morning, I get to get up at six in the morning and get to go to a special place with amazing people around me. So that was really fun.”

No official announcement has been made regarding the second season of Things on Netflix. Fans have been debating online about if the show should continue to focus on the main characters from season one or move towards an anthology series like that of American Horror Story on FX.

Brown added that the Duffers’ haven’t indicated what could be happening next.

“They don’t speak. It frustrates me. I’m like “Come on, just tell me one thing” and they’re like “We don’t know!” I don’t think they know. We all don’t know. So it’s just really up to Netflix. Talk to Ted [Sarandos]!”

If there was a season two, Brown already has some theories in the works but not for her character necessarily.

“If there was a Season 2, I always have theories. I’d really hope that they’d explained what has happened and explain Hopper’s backstory and what happened to his child and how did he feel? And I know they kind of explained that but I want to know where I came from, and how does Mike feel? What made him so socially awkward, you know what I mean? I want to know where everything has come from. A lot of flashbacks, hopefully. If I could write Season 2, I’d write it like that. Because I want to know what can be explained.”

Stranger Things stars; Winona Ryder, Natalia Dyer, Millie Bobby Brown, David Harbour, Charlie Heaton, Gaten Matarazzo, Noah Schnapp and Caleb McLaughlin. 

Have you started watching Stranger Things? What do you think of this sci-fi throwback? Comment below and let’s talk all things Stranger Things.

Source: IGN

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