‘My Adventures With Superman’ Producer Josie Campbell Breaks Down Michael Emerson’s Brainiac (EXCLUSIVE)

Brainiac comes back!

Brainiac Michael Emerson My Adventures With Superman Season 2

Michael Emerson is officially set to return as Brainiac in My Adventures of Superman season 2. One of the show’s producers breaks down what makes him so perfect for the role.

While fans didn’t see much of Brainiac in the first season of My Adventures With Superman, the character left an immediate impression on audiences. This was in no small part thanks to Michael Emerson, who lent his voice to the calculating Coluan. The show’s head writer and co-producer Josie Campbell spoke about Emerson’s performance during a recent interview with Heroic Hollywood, explaining how much of a joy he was to work with.

“Oh my god, it’s incredible,” Campbell explained of Emerson’s performance. “Michael [Emerson] is such a joy, and it’s so funny because mainly the characters he’s playing have been very ominous characters. Brainiac is very much in his wheelhouse. But he himself is an incredibly bubbly and delightful person.”

“So he would come into the studio and he’d be like ‘I just came and took a walk and I got some coffee and I said hello to all my neighbors and I petted a puppy and I sniffed the flowers!’ and he’s so happy and bubbly, and then we’re like ‘Okay, Michael, it’s time,’ and he’s like ‘Hello,’ and we all get the chills!”

“So it’s very fun, I mean all of our actors are incredible, but it’s always fun to see the actors whose actual personalities are so opposite the characters they play. Like Michael in real life is just one of the happiest, sweetest people you could possibly find.”

So often in superhero media fans hear horror stories of actors, especially villains, going full method with their characters. It’s a relief to hear that Michael Emerson was as fun on set as he was terrifying to hear. However, it seems his role in My Adventures with Superman is only set to get bigger in season 2.

Brainiac’s Role In Season 2 Of My Adventures With Superman

The last fans saw of Michael Emerson’s Brainiac, he was conversing with a mysterious Kryptonian about making Earth kneel. Being one of the few big mysteries left open in My Adventures With Superman, fans have gone wild with speculation about what this could mean in season 2. While Josie Campbell didn’t say much, she did tease that answers are on their way.

“We don’t tease things unless we plan to continue on with the thread. So I would say, if you want to learn more about the mysterious Kryptonian, and Brainiac voiced by Michael Emerson, yeah, watch season 2!”

Fans speculate that the mysterious Kryptonian that Michael Emerson’s Brainiac is working with could be General Zod, especially given his tendency to make Earthlings kneel. However, with Supergirl season to premiere in season 2, there are clearly plenty of other antagonists on the table for My Adventures With Superman. The only way to truly discover who’s who is to catch the series once it hits the airwaves.

The first two episodes of My Adventures With Superman season 2 debut Saturday, May 25th on Adult Swim. New episodes will be available the following day on the Max streaming service. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the future of the DC Universe and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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