‘My Adventures With Superman’ Producer Josie Campbell Teases Supergirl’s Role In Season 2 (EXCLUSIVE)

Supergirl makes impact!

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Supergirl is set to make her debut in My Adventures With Superman season 2. Producer Josie Campbell has teased her role and the inspirations behind the character.

Despite the premiere of My Adventures With Superman season 2 being just a few days away, the people behind the series have kept details about its plot close to their chest. Perhaps no character is more emblematic of this than Supergirl. While details will continue to be sparse leading up to her debut, producer Josie Campbell gave a tease of what’s in store for the character in a recent interview with Heroic Hollywood.

“We’ve been trying to be deliberately vague because there’s a lot of stuff that’s going to be happening in season 2. We go really big with season 2. I think with Kara, because I also got to write the episode that introduces her, she is full of twists and conflicts. And I think every time you think you get a handle on her she’s a little different. So I think she’s a very nuanced character, and we all had a ton of fun writing her.”

“I can’t really say what she’s going to be doing this season or how she’s going to be interacting- there is some really fun interactions coming up with all three of the main characters. Jimmy, Lois, and Clark. But yeah, I would say get ready for a very nuanced, complicated character. And I don’t think I can say anything else without starting to spoil season 2!”

It’s good to hear that My Adventures With Superman is keeping its biggest aces up its sleeve. However, it is interesting to hear that Supergirl will be sharing scenes with all of the main cast members, especially as many fans expected her story to be tethered to Superman’s in season 2. Let’s just hope Jimmy can hold his own against the newest Kryptonian on the block!

The Many Inspirations Behind Supergirl

With a character as old as Supergirl, it can be hard to truly break new ground when adapting her. Luckily, it seems as though the My Adventures With Superman team was committed to making something fresh for season 2. However, when it came to the team’s influences, it may be from grittier eras than fans expect.

“It’s not a surprise, we’ve said this before, but the [Richard] Donner movies are huge influences. I also personally am a huge fan of the 90s Superman comics and 90s, like, John Byrne era, 90s era, which was really really fun.”

“I had actually started [My Adventures with] Superman right after finishing writing a different version of Supergirl for the Supergirl and Legion of Superheroes made-for-TV movie that Warner Bros. put together. So I think my inspiration and my love for Kara is really love how brash she is in those sort of Legion stories. Where she knows what she wants, and she’s getting it, and she’s coming in.”

“I also really loved the sort of like ’90s version of her coming in. But I think for us we really were trying to make Kara a very distinct character. Because we wanted her to stand out on her own and for people to be able to say, years from now, ‘Oh what influences me was the Kara from My Adventures with Superman.’ So, a lot of ’90s. Kid of the 90s so a lot of ’90s influences are coming in.”

While the Richard Donner movies are hallmarks of optimism in the modern superhero landscape, the ’90s were anything but. It was an era of comics defined by grit, edge and a lot of bulging muscles. If Supergirl brings even an ounce of that ’90s cheese into My Adventures With Superman season 2, the Daily Planet trio is in store for the story of their careers!

The first two episodes of My Adventures With Superman season 2 debut Saturday, May 25th on Adult Swim. New episodes will be available the following day on the Max streaming service. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the future of the DC Universe and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!

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