Prepare For Negan’s Backstory On ‘The Walking Dead’

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With ‘The Walking Dead‘ Season 7 fast approaching, fans are eagerly waiting to see who it was that Negan killed. But Jeffrey Dean Morgan has also hinted that we might get to know the villainous character in a lot more depth. Are you ready for Negan’s backstory?

“I think the premiere will answer all the questions you need to know, immediate questions about who Negan is. They’re in Negan’s world now. One thing I will say about Negan is he’s no dummy, you know? In a game of chess, he’s two moves ahead. The last six seasons we’ve followed Rick and his band of merry men. Now you’re going to find out in that time Negan has been running his own show in his own way and coming across all sorts of people and taking care of business. So he has created his army of followers and some are probably reluctant followers, and if they’re reluctant followers he has a way to deal with that as well.”

It sounds like we could be getting a lot of flashbacks over the course of the upcoming season. And really, it sounds like the showrunners could have easily made ‘The Walking Dead‘ around Negan, given the amount of depth they’ve given the character. It would be interesting to see Negan and the Saviours in different periods of the apocalyptic timeline, and how they’ve evolved into the villainous group they are now. Morgan also went on to talk about the charismatic style that he’s brought to the role.

“We’ll find out how his life has been since the zombie apocalypse started, since the outbreak began, and we’ll find out sort of how Negan has come to be who he is.He rules with an iron fist and a sense of humor. He’s a very charismatic guy. But a lot of those questions will be answered and more are coming, but we’re going to find out some backstory very quickly on how the Saviors operate and how Negan operates. I think by mid-season or so a lot of those questions will be answered.”

One thing is for definite. Once we found out who met Lucille at the end of the last season – ‘The Walking Dead‘ might not be the same ever again. And that’s not such a bad thing, one of your favourite characters’ meeting their death might be the catalyst to spur the show on even further in terms of it’s success. Especially since Andrew Lincoln has been teasing some of the epic things we can expect to see in their war with Negan. We’ll just have to wait and find out.

‘The Walking Dead’ will return on Sunday, October 23 at 9/8c on AMC.

Source: EW

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