Netflix And Amazon Prepare To Restart Filming In France

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Streaming services Netflix and Amazon are preparing to restart filming in France.

In an effort to maintain social distancing in the wake of the coronavirus, productions all over the world had no choice but to shut down. Production crews all around the world have been in the dark as to when they can resume working on their projects as each country is dealing with the virus in various different ways. According to Variety, streaming behemoth Netflix and Amazon are preparing for production to resume in France soon.

The French government is moving forward with its phased reopening of the country, which means that in the coming few weeks, the entertainment industry will be opening its doors once again. The report indicates that Amazon’s Voltaire and Mixte are preparing to film in France, whereas Netflix’s Arsene Lupin is gearing up for production. Amazon’s Voltaire will begin production again in mid-July. Netflix’s Arsene Lupin, which was meant to begin production on June 2nd, will begin filming in September.

Not only is this great news for both Amazon and Netflix, who must be itching to get new content out to its many new subscribers, but it’s also great for the many production crews around the country who have been out of work since lockdown began. Other countries around the world have also begun to reopen their doors for the entertainment industry. Most recently, the Czech Republic government announced that all productions could resume filming in Mid-May. Some of the most high-profile productions set to resume filming in the Czech Republic include The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which will air on Netflix and Amazon’s competitor: Disney Plus.

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Source: Variety