New ‘Jumanji’ Set Video Shows Off Cast Chemistry


The abundance of behind-the-scenes videos from the upcoming Jumanji film, which is currently being shot on location in Hawaii, continued this week via, you guessed it, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Instagram account.

Johnson has previously shared behind-the-scenes videos and pictures of the shoot and although none of them seem to have really given away too much about the plot, it sure does seem like The Rock is eager to show off the great chemistry the main cast, which includes Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart and Jack Black alongside Johnson himself, are displaying behind the scenes.

The latest video shows the aforementioned co-stars mid-shoot and equipt with umbrellas as the rain pours down. The Rock mentions in his post that they are currently enduring the jungle elements, as they have been doing day in and day out while filming on location in Hawaii. Johnson also goes on to hail his co-stars as being extremely talented and funny.

You can view The Rock’s latest behind the scenes look, along with the previous ones, below:

It’s safe to say that The Rock’s posts coming from behind the scenes of Jumanji are much more positive than Johnson’s previous outburst while filming Furious 8, in which he publically called out some of his male co-stars for their conduct on set. Thankfully, Jumanji seems to be having no such issue.

You can find out if the on location chemistry translates to the big screen when the Jake Kasdan-directed ‘Jumaji’ hits theatres in 2017.

 Source: Collider

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