New Photos Offer Best Look Yet At David Corenswet’s Superman Physique

A recent commercial shoot in Mexico gives fans their best look yet at the new Man of Steel

David Corenswet Superman Legacy

With production on a new Superman movie currently underway, there is curiosity on how rising star David Corenswet’s physique development has progressed in order for the the up and comer to fill out the suit as the new Man of Steel.

Did Corenswet get absolutely jacked like his predecessor Henry Cavill? Or will the Superman suit need to be padded the way Zach Levi’s Shazam suit was?

David Corenswet’s Current Superman Physique

Photos of a recent commercial shoot in Mexico surfaced online giving us a look at the whole Corenswet package, and from the looks of these photos, the suit will most likely need to be padded. Take a look for yourselves, our friends at DCU Updates posted the set pictures on Saturday.

The photographer who took the photos mistook Corenswet for Cavill. “Now I can die in Peace I got to meet Superman and the Witcher in person face to face.”

Talk about awkward. David Corenswet being mistaken for Henry Cavill will probably happen more often, but one thing for sure is that both Superman actors will be compared physique wise.

Based on the pictures released so far and above, Cavill has the edge because Corenswet to the trained eye looks a little on the average side. This is not a criticism of Corenswet whatsoever, he just looks like any average casual lifter you see in the gym that clearly doesn’t use performance enhancing substances like peptides that are all the rage these days.

According to a knowledgeable source, Gunn wanted to get away from the Henry Cavill mass density Superman look and wanted to return to a more tall and slender Christopher Reeves type of physique.

David Corenswet’s Superman Suit Reveal

On Saturday Heroic Hollywood reported when we fans can possibly expect to see the reveal of David Corenswet’s Superman suit.

Take the following with a grain of salt, but the current rumor is that DC Studios is aiming to possibly reveal David Corenswet’s Superman suit in June, according to a knowledgeable source. Could the suit reveal also be tied to honor the release of Action Comics #1?

Again, we stress the word possibly because the DC Studios Chief could change his mind at any time and push the reveal to tie in with the upcoming San Diego Comic Con instead.

When Gunn was recently asked by a fan on his Threads account on when we can see the full suit reveal, Gunn responded and said he is “almost ready” to do so.

“And I’m almost ready to show it to you (even though we’re probably only 18% or so through it),” Gunn said.

Superman will be released on July 11, 2025.

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