‘The Walking Dead’ Actor Norman Reedus Drops Ghost Rider Hint On Social Media

Could the Walking Dead actor be the MCU's Johnny Blaze?

Norman Reedus Ghost Rider MCU

Norman Reedus, who played Daryl Dixon in AMC’s The Walking Dead, has hinted he could be interested in playing Marvel’s Spirit of Vengeance, Ghost Rider.

Posting on his Instagram story, Norman Reedus shared a piece of fan art that depicted him in the role of Johnny Blaze, Marvel’s original Ghost Rider. Rumors have abounded for a while that Reedus could be in the running to play the character in the MCU and the Walking Dead actor has expressed an interest in the part on a few occasions.

Johnny Blaze has previously been portrayed on the big screen by legendary actor Nicolas Cage in 2007’s Ghost Rider and its 2011 sequel, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, bringing his own characteristic manic energy to the role, but generally failing to impress critics. Marvel Studios introduced another Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes, played by Gabriel Luna in the TV series Agents of SHIELD. While the canonicity of that series to the MCU is a little unclear, the show did offer a fleeting glimpse of Blaze’s Ghost Rider, although he was never shown in human form, leaving the door open for any actor to take on the role. Check out the artwork Reedus shared below:

Although the fan art is far from any confirmation that Norman Reedus is taking on the role of Ghost Rider, it shows the actor is still interested in the role and might even hint that something is in the works with Marvel. With The Walking Dead ending this year, he could be available for the part.

Source: Instagram