8 Playable Characters We Want In ‘Injustice 2’

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Injustice 2 won’t release until sometime next year (my guess would be April), but right now we can only theorize the size and scope of the character roster. The first Injustice, released in 2013 subtitled Gods Among Us was a fresh interesting new take and look for some of our favorite DC characters. The comic book series continued to strengthen the series for fans and critics.

Jump to now, we finally got an announcement at this year’s E3 that Injustice 2 is coming. Now, the folks at NetherRealm, especially Ed Boon, have begun to slowly release new character announcements for the game.

We are all left waiting and theorizing on our own about which DC characters will fill up what is supposedly the most expansive character roster NetherRealm has done to date.

The following characters to be listed are ones that majority of fans have been asking for and ones I personally would love to see in the game. The DC characters are also NOT listed in any specific order


I’ll start with one of my personal favorites, John Constantine. He doesn’t dress much like a super hero and he can be quite vulnerable physically, but this guy is a bloody sorcerer!

You could maybe compare him to Mortal Kombat‘s Ermac. The man is so powerful you can have trouble getting a clean swing on him. Imagine the attacks John Constantine could have, teleportation, mind control, maybe even some voodoo thrown in for good measure. At close range he may not be that great, but don’t forget that John was a punk rocker back in the day causing all sorts of trouble, even in the local pubs.

Captain Cold

Growing more and more popular with all the attention the character has been getting in shows such as The Flash and DC’s Legend Of Tomorrow, Captain Cold seems like a safe bet. I was thinking of a Sub-Zero conduit for this game and my first instinct was to go with Mr. Freeze, but as I stopped to read the “tea leaves” as it were and my gut pointed in another direction.

Wentworth Miller has done a great job portraying that character in the two DC/CW shows and it seems like Captain Cold will be appearing in the standalone Flash movie as well. It seems logistically smart to put him in this game to gain even more audience awareness. I personally believe NetherRealm would come up with a very awesome and unique design for the character.

Swamp Thing

The first game had behemoths such as Doomsday, Solomon Grundy, and Bane. This time I hope they go for other big brutes that may or may not be so well known. I first thought maybe Clayface, who isn’t a bad idea at all, but thinking harder I believe Swamp Thing would be a better choice. Frankly, I’d love both of them in this game, who knows how big this roster will really be.

With Justice League Dark (or Dark Universe it seems to be called) now getting some traction with Doug Liman helming, it may now be smart to start getting general audiences aware of some lesser known characters. John Constantine falls into this category as well.

To comic fans we all know who Swamp Thing is and seeing him in a game would be such a win. Fighting as a brute with plant-based attacks would be extremely fun. Having Swamp Thing in the game may stop NetherRealm from adding Poison Ivy in the game. The attacks may look too similar, but if I had to chose, I’m going with the big guy.


A female character I’ve been wanting in Injustice since they were announcing DLC characters for the first game years back. Being a Teen Titans fan, she was always one of my favorites. Her naive look on humanity brings a lot of charm and lightheartedness.

Her cosmic background and revenge story-line could be a fun side story for whatever they have planned for the main story of the game. The Red Sonja in space deserves a spot on the roster more than most.

Beast Boy

Speaking of Teen Titans, if Cyborg and Raven were in the first game it would only be right if Starfire and Beast Boy got to share the limelight this go around. Beast Boy can easily add some levity to some of the serious material that will be in the game and you have to admit, his power is pretty damn awesome.

Playing Beast Boy in a video game would be extremely fun and rewarding. Being able to change into different kind of animals, or even portions of himself for counters would be extremely cool and visually new to the series.

The Atom

With the character getting more recognition these days thanks to DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, adding The Atom to the game just seems smart. Like Beast Boy, he also has a very refreshing power that would be fun to play. Being able to change your size mid fight from big to small could make him one hell of a combatant.

Something tells me NetherRealm would make the character look similar to the one in the show. I personally hope they go with more of the comic book look.

Red Hood

Probably one of the loudest voices from fans have been asking to see Red Hood in this game. As him being one of my favorite characters I’m obliged to agree with the loud fans. There’s just something about this anti-hero’s tragic past with Batman that keeps us engaged with every incarnation.

I hope to see him in a live action film one day, but for now any face-time in any other media outlet besides comics is nice. As a player in Injustice 2, he can range from awesome hand-to-hand brawling to long range gunfire.

It’s unclear if Nightwing will be coming back, but there should always be at least one Robin in these games, right? A part of me is more interested in how Red Hood would fit in the story-line rather than how he actually plays.

Black Manta

We’ve seen Black Manta in this game actually. At E3 he was shown in a sizzle reel very briefly. The current announced roster doesn’t have him listed so his footage was probably from a scene transition.

In many of NetherRealm’s games you can hit a character into the side of the map and push them into a whole new setting to fight. In those transitions, characters may pop up in a little cameo to help push the character along. Having another character besides Aquaman using water themed style attacks could be very cool. He has been a fan favorite character in the first game.

With the Aquaman film in pre-production and with the announcement of Black Manta being the main villain, it’s time to get all casual fans (who may be unfamiliar with him) get on the hype train.


The list could go on and on. Perhaps after the full roster is announced I’ll write another piece on which DC character I wish made the cut. The current roster of announced characters (since this article was written) includes Blue Beetle and Wonder Woman.

It’s a safe bet that a lot of others from Injustice: Gods Among Us will make a return back into this game. Characters like Cyborg and Green Lantern are currently absent, but they’ve got to be in it right? We’ll see.

Sound off in the comments on characters you would like to see in the game. There’s no doubt there are some favorites that I may have missed. Also, let me know your predictions on the final roster total. 30? 40? We can only hope.

Nick Navarro

Nick Navarro

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