‘Baywatch’ Star Priyanka Chopra Says Playing Batgirl Would Be ‘So Cool’

'Baywatch' Star Priyanka Chopra Says Playing Batgirl Would Be 'So Cool'. The actress would like to be in a superhero film.

Baywatch Priyanka Chopra

With the superhero genre soaring and a plethora of movies and TV shows to choose from, everyone wants to get in on the fun. And now that Wonder Woman is in theaters, the next highly anticipated female-led DC film is probably Joss Whedon’s take on Batgirl. And while the list of actresses being considered to be in the film is probably really long, Baywatch and Quantico star Priyanka Chopra would like to add her name to that list.

Speaking with OK Magazine, Chopra said that she’d really like to be in a superhero film and would particularly like to play Batgirl.

“But my dream part is, now that I’m working in America, I definitely want to do a superhero part. When I think of American movies, they’ve had superheroes for eons right? So I definitely want to play a superhero and I want to have an interesting super power. I don’t know… Batgirl would be so cool!”

Given that the former Bollywood actress stars on a show that has her kicking ass and doing stunt work on a regular basis, it’s not outside the realm of possibility and Chopra is certainly prepared physically.

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You can see Chopra in Baywatch which is currently playing in theaters.

Source: OK Magazine

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