Rick Grimes Gets Potentially Fatal Injury On ‘The Walking Dead’

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The house that Rick Grimes built is beginning to crumble. In addition to the ongoing problems faced with the bridge, last night’s episode of The Walking Dead put Rick in a dangerous predicament with Maggie heading onward to Alexandria to confront Negan, while Daryl and Rick’s confrontation put them in a literal hole, which led to an admittedly great argument between the two. The two escaped, yes, but Rick chose to take matters into his own hands by leading the approaching walker herd away, and on his own.

This proved to be his downfall in episode’s end when the horse threw Rick off, causing him to land on some cinder blocks and end up with rebar through his chest. Not to mention there’s another herd approaching as well. All things considered, with AMC reminding us that next week is the final episode for Rick Grimes, things do indeed look grim for the former Atlanta sheriff.

And while some still believe there’s a way for Rick Grimes to somehow make it out of this and live to fight another day on The Walking Dead, things probably haven’t been worse for Rick in a long time. At least not since the war with Negan, anyway. And the preview for the next episode, “What Comes After,” felt like a trip through time as we saw recreations of many scenes, such as Rick arriving on horseback in Atlanta way back in the pilot, talking with Shane, and even a recreation of the cover for issue #100 of The Walking Dead, which saw Rick atop a pile of bodies.

Here, have a look at the trailer for Rick Grimes’ final episode of The Walking Dead in the preview video below:


We know that the episode will see the return of familiar faces, such as Shane, Sasha, and Hershel, but who else could possibly appear in the sendoff episode for the titular character of The Walking Dead? What do you think will ultimately become of Rick? Is he a dead man or do you believe there’s a possible way out for him? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for the departure of Rick Grimes on next week’s episode.

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights at 9 P.M. on AMC.

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