‘Rogue One’ Director Feels No Ownership Over His ‘Star Wars’ Film

Thank George Lucas!

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Gareth Edwards directed one of the most critically acclaimed Star Wars projects in Rogue One. Despite this, the director reveals he feels no ownership over the film.

To many fans, Rogue One was the breath of fresh air they had been requesting for years when it came to Star Wars projects. It was a film that shone brand new light on the galaxy far, far away. In a recent interview for Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast, director Gareth Edwards was asked about his thoughts on sequences like Darth Vader’s cameo, leading to him revealing he felt no ownership over the film.

“Honestly, what I feel all the time is that it’s George’s film. Basically, everything that is in that movie that’s any good that people love is probably somehow from George Lucas in some way.”

“We didn’t realize this when we were shooting it, but everyone, obviously – the thing that gets talked about the most is the Darth Vader scene at the end. And I feel zero ownership of that because it’s George’s character. George invented that corridor. He invented that character. And the lightsabers and the Rebels, do you know what I mean? And the Death Star plans.”

Feeling no ownership over a project is a common feeling in Hollywood. For every director like Gareth Edwards credited with creating the experience of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, dozens of cast and crew remain unsung heroes in its production. While it’s a shame Edwards has no strong feelings toward the project, fans certainly hold their feelings for it in their hearts.

The future of Star Wars looks brighter than ever

The announcement of these three new Star Wars movies marks an exciting time for fans of the franchise. With each movie being directed by a different filmmaker, there is sure to be a unique perspective and style brought to each project.

The focus on new characters and storylines within the Star Wars universe is also promising. While the original trilogy will always hold a special place in the hearts of fans, it’s important to keep the franchise evolving and exploring new avenues. The new Jedi order, as promised in the third movie, could provide an interesting look at the future of the Star Wars universe and the continued use and understanding of The Force.

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Source: ComicBookMovie.com