Ryan Reynolds Takes Dig At Green Lantern In Virtual Commencement Speech

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Ryan Reynolds took another shot at Green Lantern in a virtual commencement speech.

In 2011, Ryan Reynolds portrayed Green Lantern for Warner Bros. and DC’s live-action feature film centered on the iconic hero. Unfortunately, the film did not fare well financially or critically and Reynolds has not shied away from taking shots at the movie in the years since it debuted in theaters.

Now, Ryan Reynolds has once again made a joke at his own expense by referencing the film in his virtual commencement speech to the Kitsilano Class of 2020. While discussing the importance of empathy in his life and career, Reynolds said, ” Some of you might consider me successful. I don’t know. Some of you may have seen Green Lantern.”

You can check out Ryan Reynolds’ full commencement speech below.

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Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern was released to poor reviews and bombed at the box office, prompting Warner Bros. to cancel further plans for the character. Now, Green Lantern is set to be rebooted with a new actor succeeding Reynolds in the role.

A Green Lantern Corps movie is currently in development with Geoff Johns on board as a writer and producer. Full details on the film are being kept under lock and key, though the project will draw inspiration from Geoff Johns’ work on the New 52 Green Lantern comics, with both Hal Jordan and John Stewart set to appear in the film. Furthermore, HBO Max announced that a series is being developed for the streaming service by Arrowverse mastermind Greg Berlanti.

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