Lipreader Reveals Full ‘Deadpool 3’ Message From Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman

What were the Deadpool 3 stars really saying?

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Ryan Reynolds’ and Hugh Jackman’s recent Deadpool 3 video, in which their explanation of the movie is drowned out by music, has been decoded by a lipreader.

The video was released following Ryan Reynolds’ announcement that Hugh Jackman would be reprising the role of Wolverine one more time for Deadpool 3. The video claimed to answer fans’ questions about Jackman’s return, but the actors’ answers quickly faded away as “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham! played over them.

While the video didn’t contain any actual spoilers for Deadpool 3, a lipreader has revealed what the pair were actually saying when the music took over.

Deadpool’s & Wolverine’s Secret Message

YouTuber Jomboy Media released a video breaking down Ryan Reynolds’ and Hugh Jackman’s Deadpool 3 video, providing voiceover for the section in which the music took over.

The pair don’t reveal any genuine plot details, but instead rave about a series of vague imagined action sequences, including Jackman teasing a “massive, massive, huge, huge f***ing explosion,” as well as saying “you have to see this, because we’re in our prime.”

Check out the lipreading of Ryan Reynolds’ and Hugh Jackman’s Deadpool 3 video below:

With Deadpool 3 officially slated for a September 2024 release, it could be a little while before fans get any genuine details of the film’s plot. However, fans should probably expect a few more misdirects along the way. Even the official synopsis used to promote the last Deadpool film featured an entirely false – and characteristically ridiculous – plot.

Here is the official synopsis for Deadpool 2:

After surviving a near fatal bovine attack, a disfigured cafeteria chef (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming Mayberry’s hottest bartender while also learning to cope with his lost sense of taste. Searching to regain his spice for life, as well as a flux capacitor, Wade must battle ninjas, the yakuza, and a pack of sexually aggressive canines, as he journeys around the world to discover the importance of family, friendship, and flavor – finding a new taste for adventure and earning the coveted coffee mug title of World’s Best Lover.

Directed by David Leitch from a script written by Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick & Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 2 stars Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, Julian Dennison, Zazie Beetz, T.J. Miller, Brianna Hildebrand, and Jack Kesy.

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