Samuel L. Jackson Weighs In On Marvel Vs. DC Debate

Marvel Nick Fury

Marvel and DC have been rivals for as long as anyone can remember. The two comic book publishers have tried to best each other at every turn, from comics, to TV, and now movies. Whether the rivalry is hostile or a simple friendly competition is up to debate.

There’s no clear winner of the famous “Marvel vs. DC” debate, but many fans have voiced their opinion on who they believe is coming out on top. However, it’s not just fans who have weighed in on the discussion, some celebrities have too.

It’s usually celebrities who have a history with either comic book companies who are asked to voice their opinion on the Marvel vs. DC debate. Today, Samuel L. Jackson was asked in an interview with Collider what he thought about the rivalry. Jackson, who portrays Nick Fury in a string of MCU films, had this to say:

You know, I think there’s room for everybody to exist out here, and the fact that it’s not working or doesn’t work or people want a specific thing, I mean that’s what makes movies the movies and what makes audiences audiences, so hopefully they’ll make one of those movies one of these days and it’ll be as big as a Marvel movie.

Many are hoping that Wonder Woman, the next film in the DCEU line-up, will be the one to officially put DC on the map and right next to Marvel. Samuel L. Jackson also mentioned his hopes for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie during the interview:

Hopefully Wonder Woman will be great too, ya know, because a friend of mine trains her, so I hope it’s good.

Like I said, there’s no clear winner in this Marvel vs DC debate, and their probably never will be. The rivalry is completely based on opinion, and your opinion is what dictates who you feel is in the lead. What do you think about the Marvel and DC rivalry? Is Marvel winning? DC? Is it even real? Make sure to sound off in the comments below!



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