RUMOR: Scarlett Johansson Developing ‘The Blonde Phantom’ Marvel Series For Disney Plus

Black Widow meets The Blonde Phantom!

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Scarlett Johansson is returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, just not how fans may expect! A rumor suggests Marvel is developing a Disney Plus series based on The Blonde Phantom.

Back when Black Widow was first released back in 2021, it was revealed that Marvel Studios and Scarlett Johansson would continue their relationship following her departure as Natasha Romanoff. Almost nothing was revealed about the project aside from it being set within the MCU and that it wouldn’t be related to Black Widow.

Three years out, a new rumor by Giant Freakin Robot now suggests that Marvel and Scarlett Johansson are developing a series based around The Blonde Phantom for Disney Plus. It’s not stated that Johansson would be playing the titular heroine, with her only currently attached to produce.

Who Is The Blonde Phantom?

The Blonde Phantom is one of Marvel’s earliest heroines, debuting in All Select Comics #11 in September 1946. The character, whose real name is Louise Grant, was a secretary to the O.S.S., which served as a predecessor to the CIA during World War II. Grant fell in love with her boss Mark Mason. One day, wanting to help Mason on a case, she donned the moniker The Blonde Phantom to assist him in fighting crime.

The Blonde Phantom certainly shows its age in its premise. However, given Scarlett Johannson’s history with female spies, it’s likely her origin would be reinvented for whatever Disney Plus series Marvel cooks up. A period piece in the MCU could also be incredibly interesting. However, at this time, all of this is still just a rumor, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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