‘Shogun’ Star Anna Sawai Wasn’t Allowed Audition For Katana In ‘Suicide Squad’

The Katana that could've been!

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Could Anna Sawai have been the perfect Katana? The Shogun star speaks on why she had to miss out on joining the cast of Suicide Squad.

Anna Sawai is truly a triple threat. She Shogun star isn’t just an actress, but also a dancer and member of the J-Pop group Faky. While an impressive resume to be sure, Sawai recently revealed that her commitments to her band prevented her from auditioning to play Katana in Suicide Squad.

“After the training — multiple years of training — you are either lucky and join a group, or debut as a solo singer, or you’re gone,” Sawai told The Hollywood Reporter in a recent interview. “I was like, ‘This is my chance!’ And then I go to my manager and he’s like, ‘You can’t audition.’”

“They basically told me that if I’m gone for over a month, the girls [the other members of FAKY] are not going to have anything to do. It felt like they were really tying me down, and because of my contract, I couldn’t leave until the time that I actually left [in 2018].”

While it’s a shame that Anna Sawai didn’t even have the chance to audition to play Katana, the poor critical reception of Suicide Squad may mean this might’ve been for the best. Though with the DC Universe getting ready for a reboot and Shogun seemingly not pursuing a second season, Sawai may have her shot at playing Katana yet!

Anna Sawai Speaks On Karen Fukuhara’s Katana

The role of Katana in Suicide Squad ultimately went to Karen Fukuhara, who’s now best known for her role as Kimiko on The Boys. Luckily, it seems there isn’t any bad blood between the actresses. When asked what her thoughts were on Fukuhara’s take on the character, Anna Sawai said Fukuhara did an phenomenally, even if she would’ve loved a crack herself.

“She did an amazing job, and I respect her so much, and I love her,” Sawai continued. “But also, I would have loved to audition for it.”

It’s a good thing that there isn’t any bad blood between two of the most badass women in Hollywood right now. Given how popular both The Boys and Shogun are, it seems the best course of action may be to get Anna Sawai and Karen Fukuhara together for an action movie ten times better than Suicide Squad ever was!

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