‘Spider-Man’: Tom Holland Reveals How Much Longer He Wants To Play The MCU Hero

Is this the end for Tom Holland?

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Is Tom Holland reaching the end of his time as Spider-Man? The actor speaks on how long he’d want to continue in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The next installment of the MCU’s Spider-Man is currently in the works, making Tom Holland the longest-reigning actor for the webhead. But how long can he keep up the act? When asked if he’d officially be returning for Spider-Man 4 and beyond, Holland admitted that he wants to continue playing the character until Marvel stops letting him.

“The simple answer is that I’ll always want to do Spider-Man films,” Holland revealed to Deadline during a recent interview. “I owe my life and career to Spider-Man. So the simple answer is yes. I’ll always want to do more.”

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man holds a special place in the hearts of people around the world, even those who don’t particularly love the MCU or how it changed Peter Parker. It’s nice to see that the role holds a special place in his heart as well, assuring fans that Spider-Man 4 will certainly be coming down the path sooner or later.

The Complicated Development Of Spider-Man 4

Despite Spider-Man: No Way Home releasing all the way back in 2021, there’s no official word on when Spider-Man 4 will hit the MCU. Though it’s clear both Tom Holland and Marvel are shooting for a much more grounded take on the character with the next installment, getting rid of his life as Peter Parker and potentially setting up a storyline with Kingpin.

However, Sony may have other plans. Prior rumors reveal the studio’s desire to recreate the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home with Spider-Man 4, incorporating the multiverse and previous Spider-Men once more. If these rumors are true, this may be why Tom Holland has taken so long to return to the MCU. With the project expected to start filming this fall, hopefully, whatever creative differences were had have already been hashed out!

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