Stan Lee To Be Immortalized In TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX Forecourt

Stan Lee will be honored with a special event in which he will be immortalized in the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX forecourt on July 18.

Stan Lee and Marvel go together like peanut butter and jelly, and Stan the Man is responsible for bringing to life some of the most iconic Marvel heroes. Now, he will be honored outside the famous TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood for his contributions to nerdom.

Legion M – the world’s first fan-owned entertainment company – and TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX are teaming up to host a special ceremony in which Lee will have his handprints and footprints added to the forecourt alongside the likes of Cecil B. DeMille, Paul Newman, Clark Gable, Meryl Streep, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, and even Darth Vader.

Taking place on July 18, 2017 at the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX, the event will be open to fans, who can buy tickets to attend the ceremony and after-party or contribute notes or artwork that will be part of a poster or tribute book to be presented to Lee at the event.

The M.C. for the event will be none other than Kevin Smith, ultimate comics fan, writer, director, and producer.

Smith is quoted by With an Accent as saying, “Stan Lee gave us the heroes that fueled our imagination and aspirations. Now, WE, the fans, are coming together to give this permanent monument and tribute to the man that gave us so much.”

Stan Lee Collectibles CEO Max Anderson also commented on the event: “On behalf of Stan Lee and Stan Lee Collectibles, we’re deeply moved and appreciative of the groundswell of fan support Stan has always enjoyed, and we’re grateful that his fans have united together with Legion M to give him this great honor.”

If you’re interested in participating in this event and hope to maybe shout out an “Excelsior!” or two, you can check out the details via the Legion M site.

Source: With an Accent

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