Inside the Star Trek Beyond Fan Event

“It’s going to be fun.”

When Chris Pine, Captain James Tiberius Kirk himself, was asked by a fan on Twitter whether Star Trek Beyond would be fun or if it would be dark, Pine emphatically stated that their goal was to create a film that was just as much fun for audiences to watch as it was for them to make. This was the theme of last night’s Star Trek Beyond fan event, held at the Paramount Pictures lot in Los Angeles, California. Everyone there wanted you to know that this new movie, positioned as a celebration of Star Trek‘s big 50th anniversary, is going to be a good time, that it’s going to be fun. The subtext to all of this being ‘don’t worry, we’re not making another Into Darkness.’

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The evening began as I along with roughly 500 other Star Trek fans were ushered into Stage 31 and onto the U.S.S. Enterprise. As we took our seats in the heart of the very same soundstage where the original series filmed five decades ago, we were treated to a short video of various celebrities and personalities talking about what Star Trek has meant to them over the years. Idris Elba reenacting the way the Enterprise crew would flaid about as the ship took damage, Zoe Saldana recalling her earliest memories of seeing a spanish dubbed broadcast of the original series, and Simon Pegg confessing to being terrified by the visage of Balok that appeared under the Desilu Productions logo at the end of so many of the original Trek episodes.


David Daut

David Daut

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