‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Showrunner Explains Series Title

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After over a decade of being off television, Star Trek is returning to the small screen in the form of Star Trek: Discovery! Created by Bryan Fuller, and produced by Rod Roddenberry (Gene Roddenberry’s son), Star Trek: Discovery will be set 10 years prior to The Original Series storyline, following the adventures of the crew aboard the USS Discovery.

Showrunner Bryan Fuller revealed more information about the series today at the Star Trek: Mission New York convention. Fuller explained why the show was titled “Discovery”. We already knew that it was because of the ship’s name, but Fuller finally revealed why he chose that name, attributing it to famous directors like Stanley Kubrick, and the works of NASA.

“This ship is called the Discovery for a few reasons. Not the least of which is Stanley Kubrick’s contribution to the Discovery on ‘2001: A Space Odyssey,’ NASA’s vessel the Discovery, and also the sense of discovery.”

Fuller also mentioned that the word “discovery” s very important to both the show and fans of the Star Trek franchise, noting that “discovery” would be a common theme throughout the series. At the panel, Bryan Fuller also spoke about the show’s interesting lead.

If you didn’t know already, Star Trek: Discovery will be the first in the franchise to have a female lead of color. Not only that, but the lead won’t be the Captain of the ship this time. Instead, she’ll be a Starfleet officer known as “Number One”. Fuller explained why he went for a non-Captain lead for Star Trek: Discovery at the New York panel.

“There have been six series all from the captains’ perspective, and it felt like, for this new iteration of Star Trek, we need to look at life on a Starfleet vessel from a new perspective.”

Star Trek: Discovery will air its first episode on CBS in January 2017. Afterwards, the 13-episode first season of the series will become a CBS Access exclusive.

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