‘Star Trek’: James McAvoy Calls Dibs On Playing Young Picard

James McAvoy has been starring in a Star Trek parody series during isolation to get prepared for the role.

James McAvoy Star Trek Picard Patrick Stewart

James McAvoy wants to play young Jean-Luc Picard in a Star Trek project.

Patrick Stewart has played numerous iconic characters throughout his tenure as an actor, with the two most notable being Professor X in X-Men and Jean-Luc Picard in the Star Trek franchise. While Stewart continues to play Picard on the CBS All Access series of the same name, he’s officially retired from the role of Professor X. The X-Men franchise has delved into multiple timelines and time periods, which means that numerous actors have played the same characters. James McAvoy portrayed a young Charles Xavier in X-Men: First Class, and now he has his eyes set on another one of Stewart’s roles.

In a recent conversation with Jimmy Fallon, James McAvoy was asked if there’s a world where he would play ayoung Picard for a Star Trek project. McAvoy also revealed that if he doesn’t get the gig, he’ll just make it on his phone during lockdown.

“Any other world is just an alternate reality in a bad episode of Star Trek. It’s happening. If they don’t hire me, I’m going to make it on my phone! I’m calling that right now. I’m doing the virtual lockdown equivalent of rubbing my scent all over Patrick’s face and saying, ‘This territory is mine.’ All other bald actors can f*** off. It’s me.”

During isolation, James McAvoy has starred in a Star Trek spoof titled Star Force that was produced solely during isolation. The spoof sees McAvoy playing the captain of a ship, not unlike Picard. McAvoy appears to be a dedicated Star Trek fan and clearly has his eyes set on following Patrick Stewart’s career. Starring as a young Picard does feel like the next step in McAvoy’s evolution as an actor, especially considering he most likely won’t be returning to the role of Charles Xavier. Should the Picard series on CBS All Access need a young actor, they know who the perfect person is.

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Here is the official synopsis for Star Trek: Picard:

Star Trek: Picard features Sir Patrick Stewart reprising his iconic role as Jean-Luc Picard, which he played for seven seasons on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The new series will follow this iconic character into the next chapter of his life.

Star Trek: Picard stars Patrick Stewart, Alison Pill, Michelle Hurd, Evan Evagora, Isa Briones, Santiago Cabrera, and Harry Treadaway. The series is produced by CBS Television Studios in association with Secret Hideout and Roddenberry Entertainment. Alex Kurtzman, Michael Chabon, Akiva Goldsman, James Duff, Patrick Stewart, Heather Kadin, Rod Roddenberry, and Trevor Roth are on board as executive producers. Aaron Baiers (Secret Hideout) serves as a co-executive producer with Kirsten Beyer as a supervising producer.

The first season of Star Trek: Picard is exclusively on CBS All Access. The second season will begin filming once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for all the latest news regarding James McAvoy, Star Trek and Patrick Stewart, and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content.

Source: Jimmy Fallon