Stephen Amell Teases Mystery Guest For Episode 100 Of ‘Arrow’


Arrow is gearing up for it’s fifth season that premieres in October, and this means they’ll be releasing their hundredth episode of the show. That’s a great achievement for any show, but a major triumph for the world of comic book adaptations.

Though Season 5 isn’t yet here, the show deep is into filming and it’s currently well on the way with Episode 8 of the season… this just so happens to be Episode 100 overall! We’ve already learnt recently that Oliver’s father, Robert Queen, will show up during the episode – and now Green Arrow himself is teasing a mystery guest.

We don’t imagine this is Jamey Sheridan, the actor who portrays Robert Queen, as he’s already been announced to return so there’s no reason for Stephen Amell to blank him out. Current fan predictions and dream-reveals seem to mostly include Tommy Merlyn: the late and great friend of Oliver, and son of Malcolm (subsequently, he’s also the step brother of Thea). We all know Flashpoint is happening in this universe, so there’s a chance anybody could pop up. Who would you like to return for this monumental episode?

Arrow is back for Season 5 on October 5th, on The CW.

Adam Fitch

Adam Fitch

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